Limitations of Matter and Unlimited Spirit

“according to the secret doctrine, man, through the gradual refinement of his vehicle and the ever-increasing sensitiveness resulting from that refinement, is gradually overcoming the limitations of matter and is disentangling himself from his mortal coil. When humanity has completed its physical evolution, the empty shell of materiality left behind will be used by other life waves as stepping stones to their own liberation. … At the point of deepest materialism, therefore, man is at his greatest distance from himself. According to the mystery teaching not all the spiritual nature incarnates in matter. The spirit of man is diagrammatically shown as an equilateral triangle with one point downward. This lower point … descends into the illusion of material existence for a brief space of time. That which never clothes itself n the sheath of matter is … the Overman.” ~Manly P. Hall

Limitations of Matter

Many don’t think there are limitations to matter, but there are. There are, in fact, many things that cannot be done with the physical body or the associated brain-mind, but can be done by the spirit and soul. The physical body can travel within the material realm, but with restrictions. It can only travel so fast. It cannot travel off the planet without some kind of protective vehicle. And no matter how hard material science tries, it can never make the physical body immortal. The planets and stars die and so must our physical body. The spirit is a different matter.


Just as the spiritual student must rid himself of attachments to material goods, so must he become unattached to his physical body. That doesn’t mean ignoring the physical body. It means not thinking of it as the real you, the only you. Think of your body more like a tool that you use rather than who you really are.

But just as a carpenter must keep his saws sharp and a barber must keep his scissors sharp, so must we care for our physical body. Care for it without becoming too attached to it. A tricky matter of balance.

Other Life Waves

Mr. Hall says that after we have thrown off our mortal coil it will be left behind for use by new waves of lifeforms. That was true in the past and it true now. It will not always be that way. It this age that we are in now, in the sixth epoch that is dawning, we won’t separate from matter and leave it behind. We will change matter back into spirit. Not just ourselves, but the planets, stars, and galaxies of the physical realm will change. It is, in fact, already happening. Part of what is being called global warming is actually this process taking place.

Spirit in Matter

Whether the triangular shape of spirit that Hall mentions is real or just symbolic doesn’t really matter. The point is spirit never completely descended into matter. If it had, there would be no hope for us. Only spirit can reach down into the abyss of matter and pull us out. Some of spirit must have remained in the spiritual dimensions in order for that to happen. The real problem is that most of us never awaken their spirit and soul which are dormant when we fall into the world of matter. We must awaken and nourish our spiritual side. Then it can assist God, the Angels, and the beings of light working to reclaim the fallen realm of matter. The limitations of matter become irrelevant when we see that behind it all is infinite spirit which has no limitations.

This great Plan of God to reclaim the fallen is something we can deal with in three ways. We can ignore it, fight against it, or become an active part of it. Those who become an active part of God’s Plan will see great rewards for doing so. It isn’t about rewards, however. It’s about doing what we know is right.


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