Christ Principle and the Spiritual Sun

“When the Earth begins to recapitulate the previous phases of its evolution, there will first be a reunion with the Moon, and then of the Earth-Moon with the Sun. This reunion with the Moon will mark the culmination point of evil on the Earth; the reunion with the Sun will signify, on the other hand, the advent of Happiness, the reign of the ‘elect.’ Man will bear the signs of the seven great phases of the Earth. The Book with the Seven Seals, spoken of in the Apocalypse, will be opened. The women clothed with the Sun who has the moon under her feet, refers to the age when the Earth will once again be united with Sun and Moon. … The hallmark of the end of earthly existence will be that the Christ-Principle permeates all humanity.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Culmination Point of Evil

Most people think that the world has become a very evil place. This is partly due to changes in the media where we get news of almost anything that happens anywhere in the world. It is also because the media choose to report on such things more than the good because it gets more attention They want a bigger audience, so they report those stories that they believe will get it for them.

It is still true, however, that the world is more evil today that in the distant past. We may not allow prisoners to be tortured or criminals to be burned at the stake, but that is just one kind of evil. We have become very materialistic, and that is another kind of evil. Most of us believe that we are very close to the culmination point of that kind of evil.

Reunion with the Sun

I was a little surprised to read this in Steiner’s book. He did not, to my knowledge, recommend any form of sun-gazing. We must remember though that spiritual teachers never put the whole truth into a book that could be read by anyone.

Mr. Steiner probably meant this “reunion with the sun” in an allegorical sense, but it is both literal and allegorical. It is allegorical in that the sun represents spirit, God, higher consciousness and higher dimensions of reality. It is literal in the sense that we accomplish those things by taking in the spiritual light of the spiritual sun.

When we take in light from the spiritual sun, we awaken our dormant spiritual faculties. As we continue to take in that light, out spirits and souls get stronger and began to rule our lives rather that the ego. The ego is needed, but must be under the control of the spirit and soul.

When our spirit and soul are awake, they link with all other spirits and with spiritual dimensions. This isn’t a matter of choice. Those links have always existed, but behind a locked door allegorically speaking.

Christ Principle

when we have awakened our spirits and souls, and fed them spiritual light, we gradually achieve higher states of consciousness. We also start being able to visit higher dimensions or reality. Eventually, we reach that high state of consciousness that Steiner is calling the Christ Principle. Steiner says that one day this Christ Principle will permeate all of humanity. He adds that this will bring an end to all earthly existence. That sound scary, but it isn’t. It doesn’t mean that he Earth will be destroyed. It means that it will change dramatically. Specifically, the dense matter that now makes up the planet and the lifeforms on it will gradually change. It will change to be less dense with matter, and more full of spiritual light. Eventually, it will be pure spirit again. Any person who chooses to cling to matter and refuse that Christ Principle will not be able to survive in that world. Choose to become spiritual instead.


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