Sacred Brotherhood On Earth and Beyond

“The brotherhood is separated into two parts. There is an Earthly Brotherhood, and though it may be small in numbers and have few possessions, that will not always be so. There is also a Heavenly Brotherhood comprising certain of the Twice Born and their followers who have gone before. Their task is to clear the Netherworld of demons and dark spirits and to prepare the way for those who follow. They are like men who enter a new country and must clear it of wild beasts and bring the land under control. It is the task of those above and those below to build road joining the two territories. …

“In spiritual matters, the most important thing is that each man should awaken his own soul, a task more difficult than it may appear, but for which Earth is the dedicated instrument.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SOF:3:3-4)

The Sacred Brotherhood

The Sacred Brotherhood is not a formal organization like the Lions Club or the NRA. There are no monetary dues to pay, no membership card to carry. Yet they are more real than the temporary organizations that do those things. And it does have two parts as described in the Kolbrin Bible. The material part, or Earthly part, is made up of the spiritual gurus or teachers and their more advanced students. This does not include those phony teachers that have become common these days who see the growing popularity of spiritual development as a get-rich-quick scheme.

The Heavenly Brotherhood, as it is called in the quote, isn’t truly in heaven, but it is in the spiritual dimensions above us. Angels, ascended masters, and those who have taken the time to develop their spiritual side while on Earth are all part of it. They do help “clear the path” as the quote says, but they do more than that. Sometimes, they are like the person who has climbed out of a deep hole and now reaches down to help pull other out. They send inspirations to those still trapped on the material plane. They may be muses who inspire composers and artists to put awakening information in their art.

Connecting Territories

The actions of the two sections of this sacred brotherhood do indeed build a road connecting the two territories. Some thing they are always connected. That is true to a certain degree. But we as a whole have descended so far into materialism that the road is full of potholes, brambles, and beasts waiting to ponce on those who try to pass. The sacred brotherhood helps remove those allegorical obstructions and make the path a little easier to find and follow. Still, it is never easy, so they need to continue helping and encouraging others on their spiritual journey.

Be Part of the Brotherhood

While the brotherhood is small, it is powerful because it does God’s work. Still, the more help it gets, the quicker it can succeed in making this world a true spiritual paradise again. That is why all real spiritual students must become a part of it by simply helping other any way they can. Not by feeding or clothing their physical bodies, but by helping them awaken and develop their spiritual side. We can do this by working with specific individuals, or in a more generalized way.

You can practice sending positive, loving energy out into the world. We can exchange energy with other living being of any species to help them grow. We can write inspiring songs, books, etc. Whatever we do, we need to be sure we are doing it as part of God’s plan for redemption and not just because it is what we thing is right. It’s not a Sacred Brotherhood if each member is doing his or her own thing.


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