Personal Redemption, Myths and Allegory

“Long periods of probation were imposed, so that he knowledge of how to become as the gods might remain the sole possession of the worthy. Lest that knowledge be lost, however, it was concealed in allegories and myths which were meaningless to the profane but self-evident to those acquainted with that theory of personal redemption. … Christianity itself may be cited as an example. The entire New Testament is in fact an ingeniously concealed exposition of the secret processes of human regeneration. The characters … are really the personification of certain processes which take place n the human body when an begins the task of consciously liberating himself. …

“The garments and ornamentation supposedly worn by the gods are also keys, for in the Mysteries clothing was considered as synonymous with form. The degree of spirituality or materialism of the organism was signified by the quality, beauty,and value of the garments worn.” ~Manly P. Hall

Myths and Allegory

Some Christians don’t like the idea that many of the stories found in the Bible, especially the New Testament are allegorical. They think that they cannot be true, historical events, and also allegorical. That is not the case.

Jesus carefully chose his twelve Apostles so that they would have an allegorical meaning. They were still real people. Jesus may have actually turned water to wine at a wedding. But He chose to do that because it has great spiritual significance if one understands the allegory of the tale. And the disciples of Jesus didn’t write down everything He did. For the most part, what was written was that which had an important spiritual lesson hid within the allegory of the story.

Personal Redemption

Mr. Hall says the allegory found in Christian scripture (as well as Hindu, Egyptian, etc.) was primarily about personal redemption. That is true. They are not intended to be fun stories to read. Nor are they intended to be allegorical puzzles to be solved just for the fun of solving them. They are intended to help seekers learn and awaken.

When Hall says personal redemption, he means what most of us today call spiritual awakening. It is a redemption because we are redeeming ourselves from the lost world of matter and moving back toward the eternal world of spirit.

Keeping it Secret

Today there is a strong anti-secret movement. People who reveal government secrets are treated by many as heroes. Organization that revel secrets get much support. Yet the same people who support those organizations wish to prevent some foreign countries from getting nuclear weapons. The secrets of true spiritual development are just as dangerous in the wrong hands as nuclear missiles. I’m sure that seems like a ridiculous exaggeration to many, but it isn’t.

Hitler learned a fee of those spiritual secrets and nearly took over the world for the Dark Forces/Beings he followed. Nero, the evil Roman emperor didn’t just fiddle while Rome burned. He caused the burning using the dark side of spiritual knowledge just as Hitler did.

So whether you agree with it, or not, most of the great spiritual teachers have seen fit to hid the important spiritual knowledge by either never writing it down, or writing it only as myth and allegory.

Garments and Ornaments

Few people pay any attention to what is worn by individuals in the Bible or other holy books. This is a mistake. There is often meaning hid in what they are wearing. Sometimes the color of the clothing is important. Other times, its the fabric it’s made from. Unfortunately, the meaning of some of it has been lost. We do know that Jesus wore a special robe made of a single thread. That symbolizes that Jesus represented unity, the One. And the coat of many colors that Jacob gave to his son Joseph is representative of one who would serve people of many colors and nationalities. It probably also indicated one who would have a true spiritual awakening and energize all of his energy centers (chakras), each having a different color.

Hall says that the quality of the garments and ornamentation told us how spiritual the person was. Thus a person dressed in rags likely represented one who was not very spiritual. Someone wearing a gold belt would be someone who was very spiritual and took in light from the spiritual sun.

Personal Redemption Through Myths and Allegory

Sp does this use of myth and allegory mean that the study of myth and allegory is the path to spiritual enlightenment? Unfortunately, no. There are many people who study myths and allegory who do not become spiritual at all. It is simply an intellectual exercise to them. But for those who are on the path of personal redemption, those truths hidden in allegorical tales can be helpful. They never contain the complete answers, however. The most advanced teachings were never written down, even in allegory. They can only be learned from a real spiritual school or teacher.


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