Natural Worlds are Spiritual Worlds

“That which we call the ‘natural’ self as it exists in the ‘natural’ world—the ‘old Adam’ of St. Paul—is wholly incapable of supersensual adventure. All its activities are grouped about a center of consciousness where correspondences are with the material world. In the moment of its awakening, it is abruptly aware of this disability. It knows itself finite. Now it aspires to the infinite. It is encased in the hard crust of individuality: it aspires to union with a larger self. It is fettered: it longs for freedom. Its every sense is attuned to illusion: it craves for harmony with the Absolute Truth. …

“Whatever form, then, the mystical journey may take it, must begin with a change in the attitude on the subject; a change which will introduce it into the order of reality.” ~Evelyn Underhill

The Natural Worlds

Ms. Underhill put the word “natural” in quotes for good reason. She is telling us that the natural world, the world of matter, isn’t really natural at all. It is the world of illusion. It is Plato’s cave of shadows. The spiritual world beyond is the real world. It is also the only true “natural” world being the permanent world created by God.

Underhill tells us our “natural” self—our physical body and brain-mind—is incapable of having “supersensual adventure.” By this, she means that it is incapable of exploring and experiencing the spiritual realm, the true natural world. The brain-mind can speculate about the spiritual, and imagine what it might be, but not actually experience it. And what the brain-mind usually imagines is something very similar to the physical world, and very different from the reality of spirit.

The Great Adventure

Underhill is calling the journey to spiritual enlightenment the “supersensual adventure”. While my spellchecker flags “supersensual” as an unknown word, it is a good one to use. It simply means that which is beyond the physical senses. Anything which cannot be seen, heard, touched, or otherwise recognized by the physical senses. In other words, anything spiritual.

It is possible for us to travel into spiritual worlds by leaving our physical bodies and traveling in spiritual form only. One needs to be careful when doing this, however. The lowest level that we can visit this way is often called the astral. This is also called the forth dimension. It is more spiritual than our third dimension, yet still partly material. It is the dwelling place of demons and devils. Traveling there should only be done by those who have the strength to defend themselves against such dark beings.

Spiritual Worlds

Beyond the astral plane are the true spiritual worlds. They start with the fifth dimension where angels and Light Beings dwell. These are the real natural worlds. Natural in the sense that they are permanent creations of God. Our soul, when awakened, links to these dimensions. We can “travel’ to these dimensions simply by shifting our center of consciousness. It isn’t like traveling on the physical level at all.

Aspires to the Infinite

Those really natural worlds of spirit is what the awakened soul desires. They are what many who crave something more really need, they just don’t know it. Many thing money or Earthly power will satisfy the hunger. When it doesn’t, they try to get even more money and power. They should be turning in a different direction. They should be awakening and developing their spiritual facilities for true satisfaction.


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