Highest State of Consciousness and Enlightenment

“If the highest state of spiritual development is attained, the spirit, endowed with the highest spiritual activity of the soul, attracts the truth, and perceives and knows at once the conditions, causes, and effects of all external and internal, natural and divine things. It sees them within the eternal truth like a mirror of Eternity. By this process Man, while he still remains in eternal nature, may know all that exists in the internal and external world, and see all things, not merely those which are, but also those which have been, or which will exist in the future, and, moreover, by being united with the Divine power (the Logos), he obtains the power to change things by the power of his (spiritual) word.” `Franz Hartmann

Highest State

In talking about the highest state of spiritual development, we really have to think of two. There is the highest state that can be attained while still in a material body and living in as material world. There is an even higher state that can only be reached after shedding the physical body.

The level Mr. Hartmann refers to is rarely reached while still on the material plane. We can, however, get very close to it.

Attracts Truth

The soul doesn’t just attract truth, it knows truth. We might even say that it is truth. The soul is a part of God, after all. Which is not to say that you are God. You are just a tiny piece of God. Big difference.

The soul doesn’t have to read or go to school to know truth. It doesn’t have to consult philosophers, gurus, or even angels (though it may converse with them at times). As a tiny piece of God, the fully awakened soul just knows the truth. That is the meaning of highest state of consciousness. The trick is awakening it while still on the material plane.

Know All

The awakened soul is a true know-it-all. Not in the sense of one who thinks he knows everything, but doesn’t. The soul really does know all because it is part of the All, the Great Consciousness of God. Anything that is knowable is known by that Consciousness. And just like each part of a hologram contains the whole image, each awakened soul contains all the knowledge of God. And since the soul is pure spirit, time and space have no meaning to it. It exists in all times, all places.

Highest State in Divine Logos

We become aware of the Divine Logos when we have fully awakened to our highest state. We also use the power of that Divine Logos to achieve that state.

The power, or Light, of the Divine Logos is sent out by God to the spiritual sun or Sun of Righteousness. That energy flows from their to us. The catch is that it will have almost no effect on us if we are not ready to accept it. That is why people don’t just suddenly achieve that highest level of spiritual enlightenment by accident. You have to work at it. You have to want it.

Power to Change

hose who are in that highest state do have the power to change. They have the power to change themselves and the world around them. Unfortunately, so does everyone else. The difference is that most people are changing the world without thing about it or being aware that they are doing it. The result is the chaotic mess we see around us.

The ones in a high state of enlightenment change things with full awareness of what they are doing. They also make changes with full responsibility for the consequences. They don’t change things to make themselves rich and comfortable at the expense of harming others. The changes they make are for the benefit of all and follow the great Plan of God for the redemption of the world. That is how one lives who is in the highest state of consciousness.  And because of their high level of spiritual energy, their thought-generated changes can overpower those of a thousand making changes unaware and at random.


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