Super Essential Kingdom of God

When we soar up above ourselves, and become, in our upward striving towards God, so simple, that the naked Love in the Heights can lay hold on us, there where Love cherishes Love, above all activity and all virtue (that is to say, in our Origin, wherefrom we are spiritually born)–then we cease, and we and all that is our own die into God. And in this death we become hidden Sons of God, and find in ourselves a new life, and that is Eternal Life. … And in the Presence of God we must leave ourselves and all our works, and, dying in love, sour up above all created things into the Super Essential Kingdom of God. … If we would taste God, and feel in ourselves eternal Life above all things, we must go forth into God with a faith that is far above our reason.” ~John of Ruysbroeck

Above Ourselves

The first thing to notice in this quote from Ruysbroeck is that he does not advise us to go deep within ourselves looking for God and enlightenment. Instead, he tells us to go “above ourselves” where we will find our true self up there, above all activity. We do have to look with, of course, but the primary path is without. Not without in a physical sense so much as in a spiritual sense. We don’t look “above” to the sky and outer space. We look “above” to higher levels of consciousness, higher dimensions of reality. And we don’t just go up one level to the fourth dimension. We continue to climb all the way up to the penthouse: the ninth dimension that Ruysbroeck is calling the “Super Essential Kingdom of God” That is the ultimate goal, anyway. The fifth dimension is generally high enough, though, for us to achieve spiritual enlightenment. On that level, we communicate with angels and other beings of light. In the forth dimension, or astral level, we can only communicate with dark beings.

In the Presence of God

Ruysbroeck says that in order to find ourselves in the”Presence of God” we must “leave ourselves and all of our works” behind. That may seem contradictory to some. How can we be in the presence of God if we leave ourselves behind?

What he means it we must leave our worldly selves and our worldly achievements behind. We must cleanse ourselves of false beliefs and false pride. No matter what wonderful things your body and mind have achieve in the physical world, they don’t matter much in the spiritual realms. When you can push all that aside, and thing only of the growth of your spirit and soul, you will start rising up to those heights Ruysbroeck is talking about. You will reach the Super Essential Kingdom.

Super Essential Kingdom of God

I have heard a number of names for the Kingdom of God, but never before have I heard it called “Super Essential”. Let’s look at those two words to get some idea of what Ruysbroeck means by this title.

Essential is generally defined as being of the utmost importance. It is indispensable, necessary. Essential is the essence of a thing. It is something we cannot live without.

Super means above normal, the highest quality, above and beyond the ordinary.

So when we put them together we have something that is so much an essence of our true self, our spiritual self, that our soul cannot live without it. Something so deeply a part of our true nature that separation from it has disastrous results. That describe is very well. When our spirit and soul are separated from the Super Essential Kingdom of God, it goes into a state like a coma. Our spirit becomes like a plump grape that has dried up into a raisin.

Going Towards the Super Essential Kingdom

When we are trapped in the material world and in that state of limited spiritual functionality, we cannot reach the Super Essential Kingdom of God. We must first awaken that dried-up soul and help it return to a healthy state. Then it can soar above and reach for that Kingdom that it so desperately needs. To do that, we use the Light God sends to us indirectly through the spiritual sun. No other power will do it. Only spiritual Light awakens the spirit and soul. Only an awakened spirit and soul can soar up to higher levels until it becomes one with the Super Essential Kingdom of God.


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