Spiritual Energy from the Invisible Sun

“The energy of our physical, mental, and moral life comes from the Sun. I do not speak about the physical sun, about the disk, which we can see, but about the other Sun, which is invisible (behind the physical one). It produces all invisible results.

“Living creatures are doors, conductors of energies. The highest energies pass through man – the highest form.

“There is a certain energy, which comes down from the Sun and is invisible. When this energy comes to the Earth, the female principle turns this energy and light is born. Light was born by the woman on the Earth. Energy has come from the Sun through the man. Energy will come through your brain, through your head. This energy transforms through your stomach brains (the solar plexus) and life begins to function.” ~Biensa Douno

“God has sent into the world the Sun of Righteousness as a redeeming Light, and through it He opened the doors of heaven so that man may know of the life beyond.” ~Gene Savoy

Spiritual Energy from the Sun

There are many types of energy that flow to us and to the planet from the sun. Visible lights, ultra-violet light, x-rays, and so on. Some of this energies are beneficial, others are harmful. Some can be either beneficial or harmful depending on how we receive them. And as Mr. Douno notes, there is energy from the physical sun and energy from the spiritual sun. For those of us seeking spiritual development, it is the spiritual energy that is of greatest importance.

Conductors of Energy

Yes, we are conductors of energy. We are also generators of energy. It would be annoying when I was working in the Washington, DC area and I missed my train home and had to wait for a later one. It would be doubly annoying when my anger caused me to generate enough electricity to erase the magnetic strip on my railway ticket and I would have to buy another one.

But more important than the things that can happen on a physical level is what can happen on a spiritual level with spiritual energy. Tesla said it is all about energy and frequency, and he was right. The primary difference between spiritual and material is frequency. Spirit operates at much higher frequencies than matter. In order to become more spiritual, we need to raise our frequencies. We do that by taking in more spiritual energy that comes from the spiritual sun.

The Highest Energies

Douno says the highest energies pass through man. I think what he means by this is that those higher energies come down from the spiritual sun into humans (both men and women). It is then up to us to share that energy with other living beings. We do that by sending it out with positive thought of growth and love.

Another meaning of this energy passing through man is that not all of us are able to absorb this energy and use it. In fact, the majority cannot, at least not without training. This high-frequency spiritual energy will pass right through if you are not in the proper physical, emotional, and mental state. The real purpose for disciplines like Yoga is to get us into the condition where we can absorb those energies.

Through the Brain

Spiritual energy does usually enter our body at the top of the head, then travel down the spine to the bottom. It is part of spiritual raining that we pull that energy back up from the bottom of the spine and get it flowing fully.

That energy does transform in the solar plexus energy center. Then it can be sent our from that center to others. The solar plexus s also the center we use when communicating with animals.

The Key to Spiritual Growth

So the key to true spiritual growth is energy and frequency. We have to raise our frequencies to become more spiritual. Chanting, yoga, and crystals don’t make us spiritual. They are only tools to help us raise our frequencies safely and increase our intake of spiritual energy.


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