Spirit Light from the Sun, the Stars, and God

“Where then the King (viz. The Light of the Sun) is so very joyful in the Spirit, and does so highly triumph, exult, and rejoice, that he moves all the essences of the Stars, and brings them into their highest degree, to generate her; where then all centers of the stars fly open, and the loving Virgin beholds herself in them. Where then the essences of the Soul (in the Light of the Virgin) can see in the centers of the Stars, what is in its Original and Source. …

“My soul knows full well, and has also received its Knowledge thus, which the learned Master in the hood of his degree cannot believe because he cannot comprehend it. … The crowned hood may play merrily behind the curtain of Antichrist, till the Lily grows, and then the smell of the Lily will cause some to throw away the Hood, says the Virgin; and the thirsty shall drink of the Water of Life.” ~Jacob Boehme

Spirit Light

The King Boehme is referring to can be none other than God Himself. It is not surprising that Boehme equates a spiritual awakening with the Light of the Sun. The story of is awakening being triggered by a reflection of the sun off a metal bowl is well-known. But there is more to it than that.

If you dig deep enough into their stories, you will find indications, or at least hints, that many other spiritual masters and leaders were awakened by the spiritual sun. St. Francis had his Epiphany while watching a sunrise. When Jesus was being crucified, and the solar eclipse started, He supposedly said “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” That is one possible translation of the Aramaic words He used. Another is “My power, My power, why do you leave me?” That second version makes more sense when he was looking toward the solar eclipse.

Moves the Essence of the Stars

Few people realize that an interchange of energy happens between all the stars of the universe. So when one star, our sun, has the special version of the spiritual sun called the Sun of Righteousness within it, that special energy spreads throughout the entire universe. It also means that when we look to the sun for that special Light, it comes from every star, not just one. And this process of energy exchange means that as our Earth is changing, so is the rest of the physical universe. It is changing from low-frequency matter to higher frequency matter. Eventually, it will cease to be matter and become spirit once again. And when we take in that spirit Light, the same can happen to us.

My Soul Knows

I belong to several spiritual groups on social media. Lately, I have been seeing posts that ask: “How do I know if I am truly awakened?” or “How can you know if something is real or fake?”, and “Do Angels/demons/spiritual beings really exist?” The place to ask these questions is not social media. These questions should be addressed to your own soul. If you have awakened our soul, it will know the answer. It may not be able to answer you directly, however. Instead, it will give you feelings that we generally call intuition.

Learned Master and Crowned Hood

It may confuse some spiritual students when they read Boehme’s words in the quote about the learned master not knowing or comprehending the truth. Don’t we all turn to Masters for spiritual guidance? Yes we turn to Spiritual Masters. Boehme is talking here about academic masters, professors of universities. These masters in their hoods usually don’t comprehend the spiritual. And since it doesn’t fit their limited, carefully fenced in view of reality, they often deny it exists. They do not believe in the spirit light, and never observe it. Of course, some exposure to it is inevitable, but not enough to matter when one is a confirmed materialist.

Behind the Curtain of Antichrist

This reminds me of the famous scene in The Wizard of Oz where the dog Toto pulls back the curtain and reveals who the wizard truly is. That was written long after Boehme’s books, though. It does make me wonder if L Frank Baum, the author of the Wizard of Oz books, as familiar with the writings of Boehme.

In any case, what Boehme means when he says those academic masters and “crowned hoods” play behind the curtain of the Antichrist is that leaders, both political and academic, who practice materialism, are servants of the Antichrist. They generally don’t realize it, however, because the devil is good at hiding himself “Behind the curtain.” He hides behind logic, fear, jealousy and other emotions that let us be easily manipulated. We the help of the Spirit Light, we can all awaken and pull back the curtains that hide so much truth from us.


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