Righteous Spirituality Requires Complete Development of Self

“The ancients did not believe that spirituality man man either righteous or rational, but rather that righteousness and rationality made men spiritual. The mysteries taught that spiritual illumination was attained only by bringing the lower nature up to a certain standard of efficiency and purity. The Mysteries were therefore established for the purpose of unfolding the nature of man according to certain fixed rules which, when faithfully followed, elevated the human consciousness to a point where it was capable of recognizing its own constitution and the true purpose of existence. This knowledge of how man’s manifold constitution could be most quickly and most completely regenerated for the point of spiritual illumination constituted the secret, or esoteric, doctrine of antiquity. Certain apparently physical organs and centers are in reality the veils or sheaths of spiritual centers.” ~Manly P. Hall

Righteous Spirituality

It makes perfect sense that we need to get our physical and mental selves in order before we can seriously delve into spiritual development. No one would expect a hit man, drug dealer, or conman to be a spiritual adept. It is not prejudice to think that. It is the reality of the situation. You can’t start climbing the mountain when you are living in a cave fifty feet below ground. You have to work your way to the surface first, then start climbing.

What this means it that you have to work on making your body and mind healthy. You need to eat well and exercise. Avoid a lot of junk food and red meat. Eat mostly fresh fruits and vegetables. Get organic ones if possible. And work on your mental side by noticing how you behave and how you can improve. The best way to do this is to think about your day before you go to sleep at night. Think at how you handled the situations that came up that day. Did you get angry at someone?  Have you cheat someone out of money or other valuables? Did you get jealous? If you did anything like that, think of how you could have handled the situation better. Vow to continuously improve, and you will.

You can start on your spiritual journey while still working on physical and mental improvement. You will only get so far, however, if you don’t improve as a whole being.

Spiritual Organs and Centers

We have probably all heard of the pineal gland. This small gland inside the brain is important to spiritual growth. It can be awakened with sunlight. It can also be harmed by certain chemicals in the diet, particularly fluoride.

Most of us have also heard of the energy centers or chakras. These are physical locations in the body, usually near a major organ, that are also links to our spiritual body. Each spiritual center in our spirit is linked to two of these energy centers in the body. It is important to develop these energy centers and fill them with light. They must also be kept reasonably balanced so we have a complete flow of energy in the body and spirit. Many physical and mental illnesses can be partially blamed on one or more week energy centers. Righteous spirituality means we keep them n good working order and in balance.

When we bring spiritual energy from the spiritual sun into us, it slowly changes our frequencies. We move away from our animal self and closer to righteous spirituality. The spiritual world operate at higher frequencies than the physical, not lower. By raising our frequencies, we move ever closer to those worlds and learn from them.

SO develop yourself on all levels. Don’t ignore the physical and mental levels and work only on the spiritual. But definitely don’t forget to do the spiritual exercises if you want to have that righteous spirituality.


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