Universe Within, Physical and Spiritual

“It is difficult for many to realize that they are actual universes; that their physical bodies are a visible nature through the structure of which countless waves of evolving life are unfolding their latent potentialities. Yet through man’s physical body not only are a mineral, a plant, and an animal kingdom evolving, but also unknown classifications and divisions of invisible spiritual life. Just as cells are infinitesimal units in the structure of man, so man is an infinitesimal unit in the structure of the universe. …

“In symbolism, the body is divided vertically into halves, the right half being considered as light and the left half is dark. By those unacquainted with the true meanings of light and darkness the light half was denominated spiritual and the left half material.” ~Manly P. Hall

Universe Within

Whether or not you accept that we are each a kind of miniature universe may depend on what you consider a universe to be. We are not made up of billions of stars, galaxies, black holes, etc. Yet as Mr. Hall notes, we are a teaming incubator of life, both physical and spiritual. It is questionable, however, if most of that is evolution and not devolution.

Whenever a spiritual being or spiritual energy is turned into matter, that is devolution. So while a form of bacteria living within us may seem to be evolving on the physical level, if it is, as part of that process, becoming more material, it is not evolving, but devolving. Only those life forms which are moving away from matter and toward the spiritual are truly evolving.

Divided Into Halves

Actually, it’s a little more complicated than dividing the body in half vertically. Think of it more in terms of polarity with north and south poles, negative and positive energy. Your left side does have opposite polarity to the right. But also, your head has opposite polarity to your feet. Your right foot has opposite polarity to your right hand, and the same with the left. It gets even more complicated.

Your head has one general polarity, but your brain has two. Each half of the brain has a different polarity. The way each side of the brain thinks is different. The left side is more logical and scientific while the right half is artistic and creative.

If we looked even closer, we might find that different fingers on the same hand have different polarity, our toes have the opposite polarity of your heels, and so on. It sounds like a confusing mess, but it isn’t. These opposite polarities are necessary for energy flow.

Universe Within Spirit

Going beyond matter, we will probably fined that the flows of energy in our spirits is just as complicated, if not more so. We know, for example, that the body has a number of nerve centers that have corresponding centers of spiritual energy. These centers link the body to the spirit. When we think, our brains sends out energy waves that carry information. Our spirit and soul likely does something similar. Our spirit is sending energy our into the spiritual worlds, and taking energy back in. Like most everything else, it is a two-way flow.

So do we have tiny spiritual beings inside our spirits much like we have bacteria growing in our bodies? I don’t know for sure, but I suspect that we do. And just as we have miniature suns in our bodies in the form of chakras, we have miniature spiritual suns in our spiritual energy centers. As above, so below.

Disrupted Flow

So the universe within relies on a good flow of energies at all levels. These energy flows can be altered, disrupted, even stopped, by us. Our thinking, our beliefs, our eating habits are all things that can damage those energy flows of the universe within. We can correct those problems by changing our thinking and our eating. In addition, we can use things like crystals and color therapy to help correct damages energy flows. So don’t let such issues prevent your spiritual growth.


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