Longing After Light in the Land of Darkness

“For by the great Longing of the Darkness after the Light and Virtue of God, this world has been generated out of the Darkness, where the holy Virtue of God beheld itself  in the Darkness, and therefore this great Desiring and Longing after the Divine Virtue continues in the Spirit of the Sun, Stars, and Elements, and in all things. All groan and pant after the divine Virtue, and would fain be delivered from the Vanity of the Devil: But seeing that cannot be, therefore all creatures must wait till their dissolution when they shall go into the Ether, and get a place in Paradise.” ~Jacob Boehme

Longing After Light

It is not only the spiritual people and those who have turned to God who seek the Light of Enlightenment. Like a moth that cannot help but be drawn into the fire, the demons are also drawn to it. You would think these creatures of Darkness are repelled by the Light, but they are not. While they dislike it for being an enemy of Darkness, they are nonetheless drawn to it. It is not simply a matter of opposites attracting. The demons feel the longing after Light because like all others they are destined to be saved by it.

The Greedy are Longing After Light

We are sadly living in a time when many see greed as a virtue rather than one of the deadly sins. Many still don’t get that the greedy are not just indifferent to poverty, they create it.

If there are ten gold coins to share for ten people, each person should get one coin. If a greedy person near the beginning of the line takes three coins, two people will not get a coin. Nature works the same way. It always creates enough to satisfy our needs But when the greedy take far more than they need, others must do without. This is sin, not virtue.

But the reason even reasonably good people can become ridiculously greedy is that they don’t understand the truth. They feel a craving, so they start gathering material wealth in one form or another. The craving doesn’t go away, so they go after even more material goods and pleasures. Few realize that the craving is never satisfied because what they really crave is spiritual. It is the longing after light, the desire to return to spirit.

A Universe Longing After Light

Boehme says the longing after light continues beyond Earth and into the “Spirit of the Sun,” as well as the other stars, planets, galaxies,  etcetera. It is important to note that he doesn’t say that the physical sun is longing for Light, but its spiritual counterpart. Likewise with the other stars, planets, and all things and beings. It is the spirit within them that longs for that spiritual Light. That is totally understandable. It is that spiritual Light which awakens, nourishes, and grows the spirit in all beings and things. And as it does, they gradually change until they will be completely spiritual beings and things once again.

A Satisfied Longing After Light

In Boehme’s time, longing after light was all most people could do. But times have changed. In many ways it has gotten worse. In one particular way, however, it has gotten better. The Sun of Righteousness spoken of by the prophet Malachi now shines upon us. With this brighter, more powerful version of the spiritual sun, it is easier for all of us to not just long for the Light, but reach for it and grab it. Don’t miss the opportunity. It won’t happen again.


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