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“That power of making ‘swift and loving ascents’ to the plane of onwise to which man attained t the end of the Interior Life, that conscious harmony with the Divine Will which then became the controlling factor of his active career, cannot be the end of the process of transcendence. The soul now hungers for a more intense Reality, a closer contact with ‘Him who is measureless; a deeper and deeper penetration into the burning heart of the universe. … Beyond both the conditioned and unconditioned world, beyond the Trinity itself that love discerns its ultimate objective—the very Godhead, the Divine Unity.” ~Evelyn Underhill

Plane of Onwise

I don’t know what “onwise” meant to ancient mystics. The only references I find online are to a modern corporation using that name. I believe that it means those who have raised their frequencies high enough to be in regular contact with the fifth dimension. That is the lowest of the nine dimensions considered to be part of the spiritual realms. It is the place where angels and Being of Light dwell. This is usually the highest level spiritual people become a part of while still living in the third dimension of matter. Quoting and interpreting from the writings of John of Ruysbroeck, Underhill says that this cannot be the end of our spiritual life, or the end of our spiritual growth. She is correct. If the fifth dimension were the highest level we could ever reach, it would be pointless to even bother. Fortunately, it isn’t.

Harmony With Divine Will

Living in harmony with Divine Will is certainly the goal of all real mystics and spiritual students. Those who call themselves spiritual but make no attempt to harmonize with Divine Will and Order are not really being spiritual at all.

We can divide this harmony with Divine Will into two levels for convenience. The first level is what Underhill is talking about here. This is when you are still a student, and still learning. You haven’t become one with God, so you can only try to know His Will. You do this with insight, intuition, and guidance from your spiritual teacher. At this level, you are mostly doing what others tell you to do.

As Ms. Underhill says, however, there is a higher level. A “closer contact,” as she puts it. It is becoming one with the Divine. That Divine Unity is usually temporary at first. Often no more than a quick flash the first time. But as you continue to grow, it will eventually become permanent. This is the ultimate Divine Harmony.

Never Ending Journey

It is rare for anyone to achieve that divine harmony and oneness with God while still in a physical body. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try, however. The further we get on the path while we are on the physical plain, the easier it will be after physical death. And those who don’t bother to get on that path at all will not get the opportunity to do so after death.

If we have awakened our spiritual faculties while on the physical plane, we will continue our journey in spiritual realms after we leave it. The journey continues on to higher and higher levels. Not truly never ending, but close enough that we might as well think of it as such. And as we travel, we each back to lower levels to help others just as we are helped by those on higher levels. We must all do that because the ultimate awakening occurs only when all of us are awake. So start seeking that Divine Harmony now.


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