Truth Stages, Spiritual and Physical

“It was the 19th-century German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer who said that all truth passes through three distinct stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
“When the notion that the Earth is round was first put forth at a time when it was generally considered to be flat, at first the idea was mocked. … When more scientific proof emerged, however, violent opposition arose. People literally lost their lives for holding such an ‘insane’ belief. … Of course, the truth can only be held back for so long, and eventually it became accepted as self-evident that the Earth is indeed round.
“The same stages are occurring in the world today regarding the ultimate nature of reality. … The material world is far different than we think it is—it is an illusion in every sense of the word.” ~Ziad Masri

Truth Stages

While the three major changes of acceptance of truth proposed by Schopenhauer are usually true, there are some exceptions. When a new truth is revealed that fits in well with what people already believe, they may accept it very easily. But when it forces them to reconsider long-held beliefs, they will likely oppose it with the three truth stages.

Today we have another issue that may be even worse. Now we have lies being accepted as truth with virtually no evidence to back them up. Politician excel at this. They say things they know are false, but make sure they are repeated often. Once the lie is repeated enough, it is accepted as truth. Or at least it is accepted as truth by those who want it to be true. Corporations give products names like “Healthy Good Stuff” with little justification. Yet when repeated enough, people start accepting that it is true. And the national media even gets in on the spreading and promotion of lies. Hear is a clue to watch for. When a media outlet is constantly calling others lairs, it is almost certain that they are the true liars.

Spiritual Truth Stages

When it comes to spiritual truth, we seem to go in cycles rather than linear truth stages. Thousands of years ago, the priest or shaman was one of the most important individuals in most communities. Sometimes, the most important. Several hundred years ago, we went through an age where all of this spiritual stuff was pushed to the background and the physical sciences became king. Now with greater and nearly instantaneous communication, we are seeing that those gods of science are not infallible. One day they insist adamantly that something is absolutely true. The next, they find evidence to the contrary and admit they were wrong. Now, partially because of that change in the status of science, we are looking at spiritual truth and spiritual development again. And that is a good thing.

Cosmic truth stages

But changes in social structures are not the only thing that affects these changes in truth stages. Changes in the cosmos are also responsible. This is how the concept of astrology developed. It was designed by spiritual masters and teachers to help them find a students weak areas so they would know what to concentrate on in his teachings.

Today we live in a world of one of the greatest cosmic changes. This can be a good or bad thing depending on your point of view. For most of us who are working on spiritual growth and development, it is a good think. This cosmic change is affecting all stars and planets. From our view, however, the important thing is the changes that are happening in the sun. These changes are the ones the prophet Malachi was talking about when he wrote of the coming age of the Sun of Righteousness. This Sun of Righteousness is shining done upon us now. It is gradually reaching full strength, but is already having an effect. The more spiritually sensitive among us are changing first, then the slightly less sensitive, and so on. Eventually it will even change the most devoted materialists. Or they will die fighting it. It is their choice to make. This truth stage will be the greatest one in many centuries. Let’s not waste it.


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