Kabbalistic View of Oral and Written Spiritual Law

“A traditional Kabbalistic view is that although the creation is in a damaged and imperfect state the Kabbalist, by virtue of his or her state of consciousness, can bring about a real healing. … When Moses first received the written law he also received certain laws orally. These were not written down but only ever transmitted down through the generation by word of mouth, and then only to the initiated. The oral law is sometimes referred to as Kabbalah. Incidentally, there are several different spellings of this word, because some letters in Hebrew have more than one representation in English and they have different magical vibrations with greater or lesser impact.

“Much of the magical language that we use today has come down to us from the Kabbalah. It was recognized that there were certain ideas that the ordinary layman was capable of understanding and others which only the initiated were capable of assimilating. … If anything was written down it was recorded in such a way that only those with the required knowledge would be able to decipher the true meaning. The writings were therefore in code.” ~Bernard Simon

Kabbalistic View

The Kabbalistic view is not unique. It is the same as that taught in the mystery schools of Egypt, Babylonia, Greece, and other places. The words used, the parables and allegorical tales may be different, but the meaning is the same. In other words, different codes were used in different places and times, but the actual meaning is the same. And it remains true today that discerning that meaning is nearly impossible except to the initiated.

It is because they are written in code that the traditional Bible, the Kolbrin Bible, the Vedas, and other scripture and sacred writings are misunderstood. A simple example would be the practice of mutilating male babies with circumcision. Scripture says to do that, but it is allegorical. It is a spiritual circumcision, a cutting off from materialism, that is meant. Even knowing just a little of the codes used helps one to understand the great spiritual wisdom found in these books.

Yes, that does include the Kolbrin Bible. This book ha been largely ignored because of its general interpretation of being about aliens from other planets, a mysterious “Planet X,” and so on. It is actually all about spiritual development and spiritual growth. You simply need that Kabbalistic view to see what it truly is.

Kabbalistic View of Spelling

Simon notes that there are several accepted ways of spelling “Kabbalah” due to the use of different alphabets a different number of letters. He says that different letters have different magical vibrations. That is true. He doesn’t get into details, however. It is not only letters, of course, but also numbers and sounds. Sometimes, especially in public talks, spiritual teachers like Jesus and Buddha said things for which the literal meaning is irrelevant. It isn’t even the allegorical meaning that matters here. In these cases, those prophets were saying certain words in order to produce certain sounds in a certain sequence. By doing so, they triggered an awakening in those listeners who were ready for it. The rest just wonder what the master was talking about.


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