Heavenly Light and How to Use It

“That the souls of the righteous become heavenly light, the Lord Himself told the apostles when he said, Ye are the light of the world. He first wrought them into light, and ordained that through them the world should be enlightened. Neither do men light a lamp, He says, and put it under a bushel, but on a lampstand, and it givith light to all. Let your light so shine before men. … So the apostles were set to be to be the eyes and light of the whole world. … So the apostles, being themselves light, administered light to those who believe, enlightening their hearts with the heavenly light of the Spirit by which they themselves were enlightened.” ~St. Macarius the Egyptian

Souls Become Heavenly Light

Actually, an awakened soul is always heavenly light, so what this really means is that Jesus taught the apostles how to awaken their souls and take in that spiritual light that nourishes them. Souls don’t turn dark. They just remain dormant and suppressed while a dark mind controls everything. That dark mind is, in turn, getting suggestions and hints from dark spirits or demons.

Share the Light

Some Christians of today do not get this idea of sharing the heavenly light. They think it means they should pray in public places to let other know how pious they are and accomplish nothing but boosting their own egos. This is not at all what is meant.

You share spiritual light by first taking into yourself, then sending our from you to others. Visualize this light leaving you having been filled with thoughts of love, peace, and brotherhood. No one has to see you do this. They do not even have to know it was done. The results happen anyways. Of course not everyone is affected immediately. But enough will be to make it worthwhile. It’s like using subliminal suggestions in advertising. It doesn’t work on everyone, But enough are affected to make it successful. In a similar way, sending heavenly light out into the world helps others to various degrees.

Send Heavenly Light to All

The sharing of that heavenly light is not limited to humans. While the effects are not quite the same, it should be shared with all living things. Send it to animals, plants, and even rocks and rivers. Send it into the structure of buildings and those who work or live in the buildings will become more peaceful, more positive. It is this which make the lion lie down with the lamb.

Eyes of the World

The Apostles became eyes of the world in two ways. The more obvious one is that through their eyes God could see what was happening around them and judge accordingly. The less obvious way is that the apostles used their eyes to take in that Heavenly Light and share it with others who had not yet learned to do the same. That heavenly light that entered their eyes came to them from the spiritual sun. Like the Essenes, then, the apostles undoubtedly practiced a form of what is now called “sun gazing”. They were not trying to get light from the physical sun, however, but from the spiritual.

Administered to Those Who Believe

The apostles sent light out to all just as the spiritual sun does. But for those who were real believers, they did more. When St. Macarius says they “Administered” this light, he means that thy taught those who were ready how to get the light from the spiritual sun themselves. This is necessary because only you, with God’s help, can truly awaken your spiritual faculties. The heavenly light sent by others can start the process, but you have to open up for it and seek it yourself. You cannot be enlightened by another person. You can only be taught how to enlighten yourself with that heavenly light.


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