Thought Currents and Dealing With Them

“We need to be careful of what we think and talk. Because thought runs in currents as real as those of air and water. Of what we think and talk we attract to us like a current of thought. This acts on mind or body for good or ill.

“If thought was visible to the physical eye we should see its currents flowing to and from people. We should see that persons similar in temperament, character and motive are in the same literal current of thought. We should see that the person in a despondent and angry mood was in the same current with others despondent or angry, and that each one is such moods serves as an additional battery or generator of such thought and is strengthening that particular current. We should see these forces working in similar manner and connection the hopeful, courageous and cheerful with all other hopeful, courageous and cheerful.” ~Prentice Mulford

Thought Currents

I have never thought of it quite that way, but the image created in my head by the phrase “thought currents” is certainly an accurate one. Thoughts are energy. There is no doubt about that. Scientific instruments of today can measure this energy. They do so  well enough to tell when you are deep in thought or when you are mentally relaxed. The thought flowing our from you and others near you create flows of energy. I visualize it as a river with eddies and currents where strong-willed individuals are thinking, or where people are deep in thought, and calm areas where others are doing little thinking. This river flows with many other towards a great sea of thought.

Flowing with Thought Currents

Just as you will tend to flow with the currents in the ocean, so do we tend to flow with the thought currents. Not only o they affect how we think, they can actually affect our behavior and health. For example, you may catch a disease you don’t even know exists simply because the people around you believe the germs causing the disease are in the area and are highly contagious. This may be difficult to accept, but if all those people started believing that this disease was not contagious, no one would get it. Though currents will carry us with them unless we actively resist like a swimmer swimming against the current. But like that swimmer, we will tire quickly and not progress much when going against a strong current.

Flowing Together with Thought Currents

There are several things we can do to help us be able to swim against those thought currents when we feel it is right to do so. One is that we can practice mental disciplines to help our mind and will get stronger. One simple exercise is simply to practice holding our breath as long as we can.  Then try to hold it longer each time. That may not seem like it would do much, but it helps develop your mental control over your body. In doing so, you strengthen your will power overall. This is the best option, but it does take time.

Another option that can help is to reduce the current you are swimming against. We do that by getting together with other like-minded people. If one-third of the people in our nearby though stream are flowing with us, the thought currents against us are dramatically reduced. And if some of those people are especially strong-minded, such as a spiritual teacher or guru, the opposing current can be reduced to almost nothing.

Weather from Thought Currents

Now we get to the part that is the hardest for many to believe.

We all know that the oceans affect the weather. Even lakes do to a lesser extent. In recent months a number of hurricanes have formed over the warm waters in the Atlantic and the Caribbean. But what about that great ocean of thought created by all those thought currents?

Yes, that ocean too can affect the weather and the natural environment. When the majority of the thought currents say that a tree will grow very slowly, it will do so. If the though currents say that a certain flower can only grow in the tropics, that is the only place it will be found. Yet spiritual master have demonstrated that they can make the tree grow faster. And they can make the tropical flower thrive in a desert.

And when the thought currents are full of angry and violent thoughts, those currents will cause an increase in violent storms, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. When the currents are full of poisonous thought, acid rain falls destroying forests.

But we can also increase the pleasant weather in the world by sending out thoughts that are peaceful and loving. All the thought currents and eddies affect the world around us, not just the negative one


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