Universal agent, Sun Quality, Heaven's Key

“They think only how to fill themselves and multiply, that their lie may subsist; and we also receive no more from the Spirit of the Stars and the Elements. And therefore also our children are naked and bare, with great inability, and without understanding, and now if the Spirit of this World had absolute power over the Essences of the child, then he would easily put his rough garment upon it also but he must let them alone: and he must leave the Essences in the first and second principle, to man’s own choosing, to bind and yield himself to which principle he will. …

“Our life in the Mother’s Body has its beginning wholly … in the quality of the Sun and the Stars, where then, with the kindling of the Light, a center springs up again, where instantly the noble tincture thus generates itself out of the Light.” ~Jacob Boehme

Spirit of the Stars

We think of humans and animals as having spirits, but not things like planets and stars. The Native Americans have it right when they say that everything has a spirit.

When Boehme says materialistic people no longer receive from the Spirit of the Stars, he means that we have cut ourselves off from those great spiritual powers and sources of energy. If we open ourselves up to the spiritual energy, it will flow in us again. It is not that the energy isn’t there anymore. We are the ones refusing to tune into it.

And when talking about the energy and the spirit of the stars, do not forget that from our location, the greatest and most important star is the sun. So if we wish to take in that energy we must take in the Light of the spiritual Sun. That light is the only thing that can awaken our dormant spirits and souls.

Our Naked Children

Boehme is not saying that our children are literally naked and bare. Not that there is anything wrong with being nude, but that isn’t what he means. They are naked not because they lack clothing, but because they lack an awakened spirit and soul. In the opinion of Boehme, trying to live in the world “naked” of spirit and soul is like being physically nude in the dead of winter. It is generally not a wise thing to do, at least not all the time. We might get away with being outside in the snow like some Spartan athlete for a short while, but we will eventually freeze to death. And the person who is spiritually nude will also survive only one short physical life, then be gone. The person who “dresses” in an awakened spirit and soul survives way beyond the death of the physical body.

Spirit of the World

What Boehme is calling the Spirit of the World is better known to Gnostics as the Demiurge. This should not be confused with the true God in Heaven, the only true Creator. The Demiurge does not actually create anything. He just changes what God created into something else. Something which is not an improvement over the original. The Demiurge could be said to be more moon quality than sun quality.

Sun Quality

Boehme says that our life in our mothers body begins with the Light of the sun and stars causing the “noble tincture” to generate itself out of the Light. In other words, the gift of life is sent to that newly conceived fetus giving it life. The sun quality of the physical sun gives life energy to the physical body. It is the spiritual sun quality that gives life to the spirit body and the soul. And the more we gaze upon that spiritual sun, the more we awaken our spiritual faculties. This must be done with proper safety in mind so the physical sun doesn’t damage the eyes.


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