Renovate Yourself With Spiritual Light

“One day people will be traveling without ships, trains or planes. They will have a new type of body, shaped and structured differently. They will have a new kind of Light and Knowledge. … Then they will not toil the land as they do now, but sustain themselves in a way unknown to today’s scientists.

“To renovate yourselves, you have to get up early every morning to be able to receive the first rays of the Sun. They carry within them light and elevated thoughts. You may say that the rays of light are nothing more than vibrations oscillations of ether. It is true that light is oscillations, vibrations, but these are life-bearing vibrations.” ~Biensa Douno

Future Travel

Douno says that we will one day travel without the need for trains, planes, or ships. That day is probably a long way off. But even today it is possible with the right training and attitude to engage in spiritual travel. In this way, one can travel a great distance instantly, see what is there, and return just as quickly.

New Body

The new type of body will be far more spiritual, far less dense. This will probably not happen quickly, but over a long period of time. Our decent from our original bodies that were more spirit than matter into ones that are nearly all dense matter took many centuries. It is therefore unlikely that we can return to those original bodies in a few years. Still, any step in that direction is progress and beneficial to us. We should all be doing what we can to make that return.

New Light and Knowledge

The new Light is spiritual Light. It isn’t really new. It has simply been ignored by material science, just as everything else spiritual has been ignored.

At least science is now agreeing that light carries knowledge. It is logical, then, to assume that spiritual light carries spiritual knowledge. That knowledge that is always true and complete. It is not open for debate. It is the knowledge that comes directly from God and it is that Light-Knowledge that is the spiritual universe.

Sustained by the Light

Douno says that this future man will not need to till the soil. That is because when the spirit and soul are awakened and fully activated y the Light, they nourish the body also so that the need for material food is reduced. Eventually, that need will be entirely eliminated as our bodies change. Don’t be foolish, however, and try to subsist just on Light while you still have a body of dense matter. You build the boat before you try to sail across the ocean; you change the body before you try to subsist on just Light. Renovate yourself first.

Renovate Yourself at Dawn

Many will tell you that there are many paths to enlightenment. In a way, that is true. However, flying from Boston to Atlanta by going first to Miami, than Los Angeles, then Seattle is not smart. A straight line is always the best route. When it comes to awakening the spirit and soul, sungazing at dawn is the best way. It is also good to do it at sunset occasionally to keep all your energy centers balanced. But ordinary sun gazing is just looking at the physical sun. To get the full effects that will renovate yourself, you must look at the spiritual sun more than the physical. The physical sun can bring some benefits to the physical body. Only the spiritual sun can bring them to the spirit and soul. So start to renovate yourself now by watching the sunrise (don’t stare at it!). Then for best results, study in a spiritual school the methods for looking at and taking in the Light of the Spiritual Sun to truly renovate yourself.


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