Spiritual Connections and Why We Need Them

“Always make a connection with all good people. Make a connection with smart people. Make a connection with fair people. You have to constantly make a connection with good people, with smart and fair people, so that there can be an exchange between you. If you do not make a connection with the Good, you cannot become good. If you do not make a connection with fairness, you cannot become fair. … Make a connection with every man through whom God is manifested. …
“Money is not the most important thing in life. It is just a tool. The most important thing is to have light.” ~Biensa Douno

Birds of a Feather

An old saying goes, “Birds of a feather flock together.” That is true of real birds. It is just as true, as the saying intends, as an allegorical expression. It is most commonly used in a derogatory way when we see people who are not very nice hanging around together. So when we see business men spending time with criminal types, we can expect that their type of “business” is borderline legal, if not actually illegal, and certainly shady and immoral. When we have a president who calls white supremacists and neo-nazis “good people,” but criticizes anyone else who dares to protest his policies and behavior, we can also say this is a case of birds of a feather.

But the other side of that is true as well. People who hang out with good people are either much like them, or wish to be.

Socrates once told a student who had been bragging that he had been sitting with famous philosophers that he had sat with many wealthy men, yet had not become wealthy. This does not mean that there is no value in being with people you wish to emulate. And while Socrates may not have gained wealth by being with wealthy men, he certainly learned something about wealthy men when he was with them.


While it is great for a writer or researcher to spend time with people who are not so pleasant, such as the reported to joins a Ku Kluk Klan group to write an expose, there is danger is doing so that one may be affected by their thinking. Only a very strong-minded person who is not easily swayed should attempt such a venture. For most of us, the best thing to do is to hang around with lie-minded people, or people we wish to be like. If what matter to us is social issues, we should be around others who are champions of social rights. If it is the environment that concerns us, we should spend time with environmental groups—non-violent environmental groups. And if spiritual growth is our goal, the same is true their.

Spiritual connections

Making spiritual connections and becoming part of spiritual groups can be a challenge. In many parts of the world, such groups are sadly lacking. Even in places where they exist, they often operate in secret. That may be because the area government opposes such groups. It could also simply be because they wish to avoid being flooded with applications from those who are simply not ready for real spiritual development, but just want to touch the surface of it. But that is beginning to change.

There is little doubt that we are now in the End Times. Exactly what that means is not clear. And how long this time will last is unknown. Nonetheless, spiritual schools are aware of this and are changing their policies. They are coming out of hiding and inviting more people to join them and make hose spiritual connections before it is too late. We should take advantage of that and get with a spiritual school or community if at all possible.

Not only do we learn from being with other spiritual people and making spiritual connections, but we grow faster because of the higher vibrations of the group as a whole rather than when we are on our own. Also, being part of such a group can give us added protection from those forces and beings that try to prevent spiritual growth.

Spiritual Connections of Light

Mr, Douno says it is more important to have light than money. That is true, but only if you understand what he means by “light”. It isn’t the light of a light bulb, or even that of a torch. He is talking about the spiritual light that comes to us from God and through His agent, the Spiritual sun. And spiritual connections are not always just between us and other humans. We can connect to the spiritual sun. Then, through that connection, we can connect with angels and other higher-level beings. Those are the best spiritual connections of all.


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