Kindling Sun And Levels of Life

“If we consider now the springing up of the Life, and in what place of the body it is where life is generated, then we shall rightly find the whole Ground of Man. .. For we must needs say that the heart is the place wherein the noble life is generated. … So the Life in the anguish, with the kindling of the Light, takes its beginning from the glance of the Sunshine, from the spirit of the stars and elements. … For when man departed from paradise into another birth (viz. Into the spirit of this world…) then the paradisiacal vision was extinguished, where man see from Divine Virtue, without need of the Sun. …

“But the soul of Adam went out from the Principle of God, into the principle of this world. … And therefore if we would be fit for the Kingdom of Heaven, we must be regenerated anew in the spirit of God, … that it may be a fountain for the thirsty, and a light to the noble way.” ~Jacob Boehme

Life from the Heart

Jacob Boehme was not confused about sex and the physical process of making a baby. When he says that life is generated in the heart, he may mean one of two things. He may be saying that t is only because of the desires of the heart that a couple decide to have a baby, that the heart is where life is truly generated. But I don’t think that is what he meant because he says “noble life”. So he is really saying that spiritual life, or noble life, start with the heart. But he doesn’t mean the physical organ. He means the energy center, or chakra, that is centered in that part of the body. So he is really talking about awakening, or giving life to, the spirit and soul.

Kindling Sun

Boehme then adds that life is generated with the help of Light from the sun and the stars. But as he continues, it is clear he is now talking about the physical life of the body. What he doesn’t say, perhaps out of fear of being charged with blasphemy, is that there is another kindling sun, a spiritual sun, that awakens the spirit and soul.

Spiritual Vision

Boehme says that when man fell to Earth and became a physical being, he lost his spiritual vision which allowed him to see divine virtue without the help of the Sun. The implication is clear. Fallen man must turn to that kindling sun for physical life, and the spiritual kindling Sun for spiritual life.

Fit for Heaven

But why bother to awaken the spirit and soul? Boehme answers that by saying we must be “regenerated anew in the spirit of God” if we are to be fit to go to Heaven. In other words, Heaven is not just something handed out to anyone who simply dies. It isn’t like some modern schools that give a trophy to every child whether he has accomplished anything or not.

If we are to be fit to return to Heaven, we must work for it. We must be “regenerated” or reborn. Not physically reborn, and not truly rebirth at all. What Boehme, like many other including Jesus mean by this ‘rebirth” is that we must awaken our spirits and souls. It is not truly rebirth, because they are not dead, just dormant. It is like a person awakening from a coma. You don’t say they were reborn, because they were never truly dead. But in some ancient times, people didn’t know what a coma was, and those who awoke from one were often believed to have come back from the dead.

Now we know that a coma is not really death, and our dormant spiritual faculties are not dead. Nonetheless, the process of awakening them is called rebirth, or regeneration. And the primary tool we use to make that rebirth happen ins the spiritual sun, the kindling sun of the spirit and soul.


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