Gnostic Kabbalah and Spiritual Growth

“By far the most potent contribution that has been made to Jewish thought by Gnosticism is provided by developments in the Kabbalah, a philosophical system which is said to predate any religion. In fact, it only became well known in the twelfth century AD. … In essence, it is thought to be a set of precepts that were provided by the good Creator God so that people could improve their lives and achieve fulfillment. …

“A wide variety of terms were used for those who studied the tradition of Kabbalah: children of faith; … masters of knowledge, masters of mystery; … those who know wisdom; …to name but a few. These all have a peculiarly Gnostic ring to them.
“a traditional Kabbalistic view is that although the creation is in a damaged and imperfect state the Kabbalist, by virtue of his or her state of consciousness can bring about a real healing.” ~Bernard Simon

Gnostic Kabbalah

The study of Kabbalah has become popular among spiritual seekers in the last few decades. Unfortunately, some of the schools and books on it touch only on the surface and not the roots of true Gnostic Kabbalah.

While it is certainly useful to study the Tree of Life as used in Kabbalah, and other symbols and ceremonies, the spiritual student must dig deeper to truly understand Gnostic Kabbalah.

Predates Religion

Mr. Simon says that some Kabbalists claim their system predates religion. But he then adds that is didn’t become known until the twelfth century. While that may seem like a contradiction, it isn’t. First, just because historical evidence of the Kabbalah only goes back to the twelfth century doesn’t mean it didn’t exist long before. Second, while the name Kabbalah may go back only to the twelfth century, he basics of it’s teachings go back long before that under other names.

It is much like the Essenes who claimed to have existed for over 100,000 years. They were not lying. While evidence of the group called Essenes can only be found in a brief period of history, the group existed under many names in many lands for many centuries before.

The Good Creator

Why use an expression like “The good Creator God?” There can only be one reason. There are other being known as god, or who claim to be god. What’s more, this false god must also be a creator of sorts, otherwise just saying “the Creator” would be enough to define the Good Creator God.

But there is a false creator god which is known to the Gnostics as the Demiurge. This false god, also known as the Fallen Angels, is a false creator because all he did is warp and bend existing spirit turning it into matter. That is a kind of creation, but not true creation. The true Good Creator God creates spirit not matter. And he creates it from nothing because nothing existed before spirit except God Himself.

Healing the World

Simon says that the Gnostic Kabbalah taught that the world was warped damaged, and needed to be healed. The Kabbalist is supposed to be able to “heal” the damaged world by virtue of his or her expanded consciousness. We could generalize that a bit and make it more accurate. Spiritual adepts of any real spiritual schools are working diligently to heal the world and the people and animals that occupy it. They do that by taking in spiritual energy from the spiritual sun, then sending some of it back out into the world filled with positive, healing thoughts. Sometimes, they do it by recruiting and teaching others to do the same.

They also do it by working with the Spiritual Light Beings who aid God in the process of transformation. They do it by raising their vibration frequencies closer and closer to the high frequencies of spiritual beings and not to the low frequencies of bugs and frogs. By spreading the teaching among seekers, they continue to do it. And one day there will be no need for Gnostic Kabbalah for the entire world will have transformed.


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