Cosmic Pulse and a Healthy Life

“When man lives normally, after the law of Love, his pulse is normal. If he breaks that law, his pulse changes. All negative states through which man passes – doubt, suspicion, discouragement, disbelief, influence the pulse. If one does not know that, he alone causes misfortune in himself. Because of his negative thoughts and feelings one changes the run of the cosmic pulse – a bearer of God’s blessing.
“The pulse does not beat well when you eat hard to digest food of if you are in a trouble. The brain and stomach systems are not in good shape then. … When a disharmonious feeling occurs in us, . g. hatred, the pulse again will not beat normally. From time to time man shall measure the pulse of his heart and see if it is rhythmic or not.” ~Biensa Douno

Man’s Pulse

Reading this section of Biensa Douno’s book on health can be confusing. It seems like he is at times talking about the pulse of the physical heart, and at times of something more spiritual. Perhaps in his head they are not separate things, and that is understandable. Our physical, mental, and spiritual faculties and organs are all interrelated. When one of the three is not functioning well, the others are likely to be affected.

Negative States

While the medical community might disagree with Douno on the idea that love will make his pulse normal, they would agree that emotions and thoughts can effect our health. On the physical level, we know that we must take care of our body if it is to function well.

A Healthy Body

I always have to shake my head when I see people on social media posting memes and stories that say something like, “Life is short, eat the cake, drink the beer, …”. Those same people later complain about being sick all the time, being weak all the time, lacking energy and drive. Well Duh!

Yes, life is short, at least physical life. But it will seem much longer if you live it in misery. Some think that denying themselves junk food is living in misery. No, the misery is the endless hours of pain and lethargy you get after eating junk. A moment of joy from the sweet treat is not nearly as good as hours of health and energy.

Beyond food and exercise, thoughts and emotions also greatly affect our physical condition. When we experience fear, our hearts race. When we are gloomy, our digestion may not function well. If we feel subconsciously that we were bad and need to be punished, we shut down our immune system and allow disease in to us. Don’t blame the germs, we invite them in! We need to work on ridding ourselves of negative thinking and negative emotions as much as possible. Getting ourselves in sync with that cosmic pulse also helps. That can improve our physical and mental health as much as exercise and healthy eating.

A Healthy Spirit

Generally speaking, things role downhill, not up. Think of your spirit as being a higher level than your mind and your mind higher than the body. That image alone should tell you two things.

One, what happens in the body may affect the brain-mind, but is not likely to affect the spirit. At least not directly. It can effect it because when you are physically or mentally ill, you are not likely to bother with spiritual development. Likewise, mental problems will probably not directly affect the spirit, but they may prevent it from being used.

Two, what happens on the spiritual level can easily affect the mental and physical levels. That is why truly spiritual people often have better mental and physical health than the average person. They may eat better and exercise more as well, but the energizing of the spirit can significantly improve the health of the lower levels of our being. Then we can have a healthy physical pulse, and a health cosmic pulse.

Cosmic Pulse

It is not clear in the quote if Douno means our own spiritual pulse, or the universal pulse when he says “cosmic pulse”. I think we can say that there are three levels of “pulse” that we should all be concerned with.

We have our physical pulse which comes from the physical heart. This pulse is what keeps blood circulating in our physical bodies. The heart stopping is one of the most common forms of physical death. If this pulse is operating in tune with the higher pulses, especially the cosmic pulse, we are likely to be in good health.

We have an individual spiritual pulse of sorts. This is our spirit taking in energy and giving out energy on a regular cycle. We take in energy from God’s Spiritual Light that come to us through the spiritual sun. it is even more important that this pulse synchronize with the cosmic pulse.

Finally, we get to the comic pulse. This is a universal pulse. It is on all levels of being. On the physical level, we see it in the stars, planets, and galaxies. Galaxies energize stars. Stars energize planets. Planets (and stars) energize the life forms on them, if any. On a higher level, the cosmic pulse is the creative flow of energy coming from God Himself. It is the Breath of God, God’s Grace, etc. This pulse regulates everything on the spiritual levels of being. The lower levels function best when they operate in tune with this cosmic pulse. That includes us.


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