Infinity Mode and Divine Union

“In the mystics of the West, the highest forms of Divine Union impel the self to some sort of active, rather than of passive life. … ‘The Christian mystics,’ says Delacroix, ‘move from the infinite to the Definite; they aspire to infinitize life and to define infinity; they go from the conscious to the subconscious, and from the subconscious to the conscious. The obstacle in their path is not consciousness in general, but self-consciousness, the consciousness of the Ego. The Ego is the limitation, that which opposes itself to the infinite: the states of consciousness free from self, lost in a vaster consciousness, may become modes of the infinite and states of the Divine Consciousness.’ … Hence the idea of the great contemplatives is to become ‘modes of the infinite.’” ~Evelyn Underhill

Infinity Mode

While mode of the infinite is a reasonable way to say it, especially if you look at definitions 4 and 6 in the link to Merriam-Webster, it is not a word most of us would use today. The point remains valid, though. As an infinity mode, our purpose is to do what increases that which is infinite, and decrease that which is finite.

Finite Worlds

We all like to thing that the world we are in is infinite. We believe the physical universe goes on forever and will exist forever. This ignores the fact that, in a rare case in which science and religion agrees, the universe had a beginning. The religious people call it creation. The scientists call it the Big Bang.

Certainly simple logic tells you that if the physical universe came into existence at the “Big Bang,” then there had to be a “time” before the big bang when it didn’t exist. And everything inside the physical universe teaches us that everything which is born must one day die, everything that comes into existence must end (by becoming something else). So if every person must end, every planet must end, and every star must end, then certainly the entire physical universe must have an end. That end, of course, will be a transformation into something else.

So in the worlds of finite universes everything has a beginning and an end. No infinity mode to be seen here.

Infinite Worlds

The worlds of matter that were created by the Great Fall did not come from nothing. Even the most materialistic of scientists agree that something must have existed before the big bang. That something is spirit.

The worlds of spirit existed long before those of matter, and will exist long after the material worlds are gone. That is because spirit is infinite. Spirit exists beyond space and time, outside of those limitations. And the spiritual beings—angels and others—that live in these worlds are equally infinite. They are completely in infinity mode.

Before the Parade Passes By

Today, we too have the opportunity to become infinity modes. But we can’t wait forever. We can’t put it off until it is convenient. When the parade passes by, when the ship has sailed, it will be too late. We all need to start taking our spiritual growth and development as seriously as we take our physical and mental development. If you held a winning ticket for a grand prize in a lottery, you wouldn’t hold onto it until the day after it expires. You would cash it in before that date. So become an infinity mode before that opportunity expires.


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