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“The germ of the sublime power of generation, cleansed of all element of sensuality, is the word. Man became a conscious being when he drew his first breath; consciousness will reach its stage of perfection when he is able to pour into the words he utters, the same creative power with which his thought is endowed today. … When he has reached this stage of higher creative consciousness, e will be able to communicate images to the air. …
“And when man knows how to impart life to what is highest in him, these ‘images’ will lead a real and actual existence. … Thus man must evolve to a stage where he will have the power to mold his environment to the image of his inner being. The initiate only precedes him along this path.” ~Rudolf Steiner

Power of Generation

We all know that we have the power of generation. Through sex, we can generate new members of our species. But that is not what Mr. Steiner is talking about. He means those who can generate things and living beings of other species. He is talking about a person who can say “tulip,” form an image of a tulip in his mind, and a tulip will appear before him. This sounds like some magic trick to most people and they don’t believe it is possible. To many others, it would be a dangerous power to have. Violent people might use this power to kill or injure others. Or to take over control of a country. This s why such abilities are available only to the most advanced spiritual adepts.

Some evil adepts of black magic have a limited knowledge of this, but karma inevitably catches up with them when they use it to manipulate others.

Unconscious Creativity

Actually, this creative (or generative) power is already being used by all of us to some degree, but we are not conscious of it. The forms taken by all plants and animals is controlled by our thoughts and words. When we have a lot of violent thoughts, violent lifeforms are created by that energy. When we are filled with joy and love, those thoughts create flowers and puppies.

We get weird things like a duck-billed platypus because We, as a whole, have very confused thoughts. We have poisonous plants because we have people who like gardening, but hate people. Imagine what things are being created by the seriously insane. But creative consciousness doesn’t have to be involuntary.

Higher Creative Consciousness

A higher state of creative consciousness is one in which we create intentionally. Even more, one is which we also guard our thought and words so that we don’t create things we don’t want to exist.

For the spiritual adept, this means that he sends thoughts and words of positive ideas out to the world regularly. He may even visualize words like “Peace,” “Love,” and “Joy” floating out of him and to others who need it. She doesn’t choose who to send it to by religion, political party, or even species. He sends positive thoughts out to all beings and to the planet itself.

On the other hand, he also learns to control his emotions so he is less likely to think of negative things. She practices eliminating thoughts and images of violence and hatred. And in the evening, before going to sleep, she examines her thoughts and actions of the day to see how they could have been better. Over time, this self-examination results in being a more positive and loving person. Then this creative consciousness will help to create a world we can all be proud to live in.


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