Glorious Sun, The Sun of Righteousness and Spirit

“Now the man who wishes to feel within himself the glow of the Eternal Sun, which is Christ Himself, he should be seeing, and should dwell on the mountains in the higher lands, by a gathering together of all his powers, and lifting up his heart toward God, free and careless of joy and grief, and of all created things. There Christ, the Sun of Righteousness, shines upon the free and uplifting heart: and these are the mountains that I mean.
“Christ, the glorious Sun, the Divine Brightness, by his inward coming and by the power of His Spirit, enlightens and brightens the free heart and all the powers of the soul. … Go ye out by exercises according to the way of this coming.” ~John of Ruysbroeck

Glorious Sun

The Glorious Sun, Eternal Sun, or Sun of Righteousness is the true Sun, the Spiritual Sun. Today, the practice of sungazing is become popular, as it was in times past. The difference is that most of the people who dis sun gazing in the past were mystics and members of mystery schools and their practices were kept secret. Even if you say them practicing, you would not get the whole of it simply by watching.

The mystics did not just look up at the physical sun at sunrise. Their goal was to look more at that glorious sun, the Sun of Righteousness. This means that while they appeared to be simply looking at the sun, they were not. For starters, they did not focus on the physical sun, but only looked toward it . There eyes were tilted in a configuration that resembles a cross-eyed person. The most important part is that they didn’t focus on the sun, but intentionally became unfocused on the sun, or anything else. This is what Ruysbroeck means when he says they were free of all created things.

If you try to do sungazing while you are worried about how you are going to pay a bill, or in pain because you have a toothache, you will be unlikely to reach beyond the physical to that Glorious Sun of spirit. You may still get some physical benefits from the physical sun, but few if any spiritual benefits.

So the mystics, adepts, and initiates of the ancient schools knew that their state of mind mattered. That a positive, unworried state was best if they were to go beyond sun gazing to gaze at the Glorious Sun.

Solar Exercises

Ruysbroeck knew that one didn’t just become enlightened by tripping over it. One had to engage in spiritual “exercises” regularly to make it happen. This may have involved some form of prayer and meditation, though not in the way that they have become popular in the modern world. Their meditation was intended to raise the mind to higher frequencies, not lower. Their prayer was to ask for God’s Light to awaken them spiritually and enlighten them, not to help them win the lottery.

It went way beyond even that. They learned to project their spirits into the sun and deep into the Glorious Sun where God’s Light shines. They learned to let go of the physical world while doing their sun gazing because, as the Oriental Masters say, you must empty the cup before you can fill it with something else. The details of all this were kept secret, of course. That is partly because misuse by those not properly trained could cause them great harm. And revealing such truths to evil people can give them great power to do great damage to the world. It is not a matter of being greedy or elitist, but of protecting all.

Christ in the Glorious Sun

One final thing to mention. Ruysbroeck says that Christ is in the Glorious Sun. If you think of Christ as just another name for Jesus, you will think it is impossible that Jesus could be living in the sun. But one thing most Christians need to get over is that idea that Christ necessarily means Jesus. Yes, the Christ spirit was in the man Jesus for a time, but that time is past. And the eternal Spirit called Christ existed long before Jesus. And Christ is found in the spiritual sun, or Sun of Righteousness. It is Christ as The Light of God, or Word of God that dwells in the Glorious Sun, not Jesus.


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