Noble Knowledge and the Pearl of Wisdom

“No money, nor goods, nor Art, nor Power, can bring you to the eternal Rest of the eternal soft Meekness of Paradise; but only the noble Knowledge; into that you may wrap up your soul. That is the Pearl which no moth can eat, nor thief can steal away. Therefore, seek after it, and then you will find the noble treasure.
“Our Wit [intellect] is so very hard bound up that we have no more Knowledge of Paradise at all. And except we be born again anew by Water and The Holy Ghost, the Veil of Moses lies continually before our eyes” ~Jacob Boehme

Seeking Paradise

The quest for spiritual enlightenment, or for higher consciousness, can also be considered a quest for Paradise. When you reach the frequency of a dimension, you will find yourself in that dimension. So when you develop your spiritual faculties and raise your level of consciousness until you achieve Cosmic Consciousness (or Christ Consciousness), you will find yourself in Paradise.

That also means that those who are not in Paradise, have not achieved that ultimate level of consciousness, no matter how hard they like to believe they have. Some of them may have achieved it for very brief periods of time, but they are not living at that level continuously. Still, achieving that level of consciousness, even briefly, turns men into supermen who accomplish great things.

Noble Knowledge

Boehme says we cannot reach Paradise by having great sums of money, piles of material possessions, or political power. Only Noble Knowledge can get us there. That knowledge called Gnosis is the knowledge of ultimate truth. Noble Knowledge is the knowledge of God Himself.

But it sounds like a catch-22. To reach Paradise, you must have that Noble Knowledge. To get that Noble Knowledge, you must look to Paradise. The answer to this is simple.

Just as you can’t jump from New York to Miami in one step, but must move forward a little at a time, so it is with spiritual growth. Enlightenment is as much a journey as it is a destination. We can’t just jump from being spiritually illiterate to achieving Noble Knowledge in one leap. Instead we move toward Paradise and toward Noble Knowledge one step at a time. If we move forward just a little every day, great progress can be made. After years of such progress, we will reach Gnosis and Paradise.

Intellect and Ego

There are a number of things that prevent us from making that spiritual journey to Paradise. Among the greatest of these anchors (or chains) are intellect and ego. Boehme wisely points out that when we are born into the material world, we see the world of matter as reality. There is nothing wrong with that until we develop the attitude that the matter we see is all that exists. When we let intellect and ego tell us there can be no higher dimension that the one we are in, then we cannot grow. It is like the person who has lived all their life in one small town and knows almost nothing of the rest of the world.

With ego, we also deal with fear. It is the nature of ego to fear that which it cannot understand, and it cannot understand the spiritual. So if we are to succeed, we have to talk to our ego and convince it that spiritual growth is not going to harm it, not going to replace it. Otherwise, our progress will be limited.

The Pearl

The Great Pearl of Noble Knowledge, which should not be thrown to swine (materialists who can’t make use of it) is the Spiritual Sun or Sun of Righteousness. It is that Pearl which sends higher frequency Light to us to raise our vibrations. It is that Sun that provides the energy needed to awaken and develop our spirit and soul.


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