Intellect and Higher Levels of Consciousness

“As man advances in the Mental Consciousness he begins to develop a constantly increasing degree and grade of intellect, and accordingly he attaches the greatest importance to that part of his nature. Some men worship intellect as a God, ignoring its limitations which other thinkers have pointed out. … They ignore the fact that it is possible that Man’s Intellect, in its present state of unfoldment, may be able to take cognizance of only a very small part of the Universal Fact, and that there may be regions upon regions of Reality and Fact of which he cannot even dream. …

“Nevertheless, from this Mental Consciousness has come the wonderful work of intellect, as shown in the achievements of Man up to this time.” ~William Walker Atkinson

Intellect and Reason

There is no doubt that many have such great admiration for human intellect that they worship it as if it were a god. Some even act as if it were the one and only God.

A popular one we see on social media lately is about how science facts do not stop being facts simply because fools don’t believe. While they have a point, we can sight incidences where science was absolutely certain that something was true, then a new discovery changed that truth into fantasy. I don’t think they even realize how much they sound like religious fanatics when they talk about science and intellect as gods that cannot be questioned.

As Mr. Atkinson says, intellect has brought us many great advances, but is limiting. When worshiped, it goes beyond that to becoming a prison.

If a person spends his life locked in a small, dark room with only a small pinhole to look out of, to him the view out of the pinhole is the whole world. That doesn’t mean it actually is the whole world. There is much more that he cannot see through that pinhole.

Beyond Intellect

Relying on human intelligence to show us all that is and all that can be is much like that man looking out of the pinhole. No matter how clear the view, or how good his eyesight, he still only see a tiny part of reality. There are many things to see beyond the range of that pinhole and many levels of consciousness beyond human intellect. Until you have explored them and wakened them, you cannot claim to be seeing all there is to see.

The first step in seeing more than what is visible through the pinhole of intellect is to awaken the spiritual faculties. Only the physical senses can bring awareness of the material world. Only the spiritual senses can bring awareness of those much greater worlds beyond the physical. It is not easy to do. The higher levels of knowledge and awareness make it worth the effort.


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