Fog of Ignorance

“Ignorance of the Father brought about terror and fear. And terror became dense like a fog, so no one was able to see. Because of this, error became strong. But she worked on her material substance vainly, because she did not know the truth. She assumed a fashioned figure while she was preparing, in power and beauty, the substitute for truth.
“This, then, was not a humiliation for the illimitable, inconceivable one. For they were as nothing this terror and this forgetfulness and this figure of falsehood, whereas established truth is unchanging, unperturbed, and completely beautiful.
“For this reason, do not take error too seriously. Since error has no root, she was in a fog regarding the father. She was preparing works and forgetfulnesses and fears in order, by these means to beguile those of the middle and to make them captive. …
“Since forgetfulness existed because the Father was not known, if the Father comes to be known, from that moment on forgetfulness will cease to exist.” ~The Gospel of Truth

Ignorance of the Father

The “Father” in this discussion is, of course, God. Many will argue that they are not ignorant of God, that they know him very well, but what they “know” is not actual knowing, but opinion. It is opinion because they have not personally experienced Oneness with God, but only know of him what they were told by preachers, teachers, or books. This would be bad enough if the preachers, teachers, and authors of books were people who had experienced that enlightening state of Oneness with God and were trying their best to share that truth with others. Unfortunately, most of them have not had such an experience, not even for one brief moment. They are, in almost all cases, simply repeating what they were told by someone who was repeating what he was told, and on and on.

In addition, most people don’t listen to a wide variety of descriptions of God and his attributes and try to form a fair concept of Him. Instead, they pick one teaching to listen to—either because it is what their parents followed, or because they like it whether it is true or not—and ignore all others. We fight wars over who has the best man-made description of God, and neither side has the truth.

Fog of Ignorance

Ignorance of God and the words of spirit, as well as our own spiritual faculties and how to activate them, is indeed like a great fog. In the movie “The Fog,” a dense fog carries within it murderous ghosts seeking revenge on the descendants of the murderers.

The fog of ignorance is just as deadly, but in a different way. The ignorant will make bad choices. For example, if you are starving and you come across a patch of mushrooms, the one who knows which are safe and which are poisonous will survive, the ignorant person who must choose at random is less likely to survive. Specifically, one caught in such a fog is likely to pay a great deal of attention to that which he can see, and largely ignore that which he can’t see. In the case of spiritual ignorance, this usually means getting totally caught up in the world of matter until he often refuses to acknowledge anything beyond it. We can’t see what is beyond the fog of ignorance, so we just declare it nonexistent and stay in our little world that we can see.

A Substitute for Truth

The Gospel of Truth tells us that “Error,” which is simply a metaphor for all of us who live in ignorance, prepares a substitute for truth. What this means is that we tell a lie to each other repeatedly until we convince ourselves that it is truth. This makes us feel comfortable, happy to some degree. But deep down within our subconscious we know that it is still a lie no matter how often repeated, lived-by, even worshiped.

The Fog and Fear

The saddest thing about those who live in this Fog of Ignorance is that they learn to fear many things for really only one reason. They can say they fear a certain religion because it is violent, or a certain race because they are mostly criminals, or a certain age group because they control everything, and so on, but what they really fear is having their life of fantasy revealed for what it is. Deep down they know they are living in the fog of ignorance, but they have become comfortable with it so they fear anything that might reveal it’s lies.

New Golden Age

We are at the dawn of a New Golden Age, and just as it get darkest, and often coldest, just before dawn, so we are seeing a great resurgence of this fog of ignorance to the point where ignorance, as well as stupidity, are being lauded as virtues. We even have a champion of fear and ignorance running for president of the United States! But that is ending soon.

As the Golden Age comes upon us, the fog will be lifted, the veils removed. For some, mostly those who are preparing for it, this will be a welcome wonder. For those who prefer to stay in Plato’s cave, in the fog of ignorance, it will probably be feared and fought against with all their might, but it will come anyway.

So make an effort to push away the fog as much as you possibly can and as soon as you can and make yourself ready for tomorrow.


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