One Truth, Only One Truth

“The more the sphere of our activity widens out before us, the more delicate are the processes in which we are engaged. It is for this reason that men arrive at such different opinions and points of view regarding the higher regions. But there is one and only one opinion regarding higher truths and this one opinion is within reach of all who, through work and devotion, have so risen that they really behold truth and contemplate it. Opinions differing from the one true opinion can only be arrived at when people, insufficiently prepared, judge in accordance with their pet theories, their habitual way of thought, and so forth. Just as there is only one correct opinion concerning a mathematical problem, so also is this true with regard to the higher worlds. … It is indeed true that truth and the higher life abide in every soul, and that each can and must find them for himself.” ~Rudolf Steiner

One Truth

I think almost everyone will agree that there is only one truth. When you ask them what it is, however, you will get many different opinions. With regard to the spiritual and the afterlife, the opinions vary all the way from, “none of that exists,” to, “We all create our own heavens and hells,” and many in between. The most common, of course, is the idea that there is one “place’ called heaven and another called hell and that is all there is beyond the material world; and when you die, if you were very naughty you go to hell, otherwise you go to heaven. That is a beloved opinion clung to by many as it gives them great hope and solace. But being popular doesn’t make it true. In fact, being popular is almost always a guarantee that something isn’t true be cause in the land of illusion (the material world) fantasy rules.

It has actually become a popular saying in recent years that if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth. This is nonsense. It reached a point where it is considered truth, which is not the same as being truth.

In terms of spiritual knowledge, the great prophets and sages have always taught that these are things that cannot truly be understood by the human brain-mind. The only way to understand spiritual truth, the one truth,  is to awaken the spirit and soul and then the soul, the “mind” of the spirit, can learn and understand the actual truth. I think Mr. Steiner is using the wrong terminology when he speaks of this being the one true “opinion” as the very definition of opinion indicates that it is not a known truth, a known fact, but speculation. When the soul is awakened, and reaches that level where the truth is revealed to it, there is no doubt, no speculation, no opinion involved. Truth is just truth, undeniable truth.

I do like Steiner’s comparison with mathematics. No one argues that as long as you are doing standard decimal math, 2 + 2 =.4. It is accepted as the one true solution. Likewise, there is only one spiritual truth, and that one can only be understood by the soul.

Finding Truth

Mr. Steiner then gives us a clue to finding that higher truth, the one truth. He tells us that “truth and the higher life abide in every soul”. I would respectfully suggest changing that only slightly and say that truth and the knowledge of higher words abides in every soul. The way Steiner put it, it sound like these higher realms dwell within us, which they do not except in the sense that they are everywhere including within us, but mostly elsewhere. It is better to say that our soul is part of those higher realms then to say that they are within the soul.

Still, this doesn’t tell us how to get there. We need to fully awaken the spirit and soul, but how is that accomplished? It is accomplished by taking in the Light of the Spiritual Sun, also know as God’s Word or God’s Grace, into the spirit and soul. Not the light of the physical sun, but the Spiritual Sun which is a different Light, a different frequency with different effects on us. The detailed methods for taking in that light can only be found in the teachings of a good spiritual school, never in books alone.


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