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Freedom equals service equals creativity. When you live in your home frequency, you realize you have total freedom to feel the way you like to feel and create what you want to create. You also realize how fully you’re merged with the collective—and all you really want to do with your freedom is help others receive what they need so they can express themselves authentically. After all, what fun is it to be conscious and living at a higher vibration if others are stuck at a low frequency, in a sort of blindness? … By expressing yourself originally, with enthusiasm, gratitude, and deep attention, your creativity and service becomes the same thing, and you produce beautiful, useful, inspiring offerings for the collective.” ~Penney Peirce

“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others”. ~Nelson Mandela

The Joy of Freedom

We all like to believe we were born into freedom. We believe our political system gives that to us, no matter what country we live in or what form of government we have. It is usually a shock to learn that we are being manipulated and controlled in many ways, both subtle and overt, yet led to believe it is freedom.

We can then seek out true freedom which can only come to those who have become spiritually awakened. As long as the spirit and soul remain dormant, you can never truly be free, but once those faculties have been awakened, you become free even if you are physically locked in a prison, or controlled by a dictator. You are truly free because you can see through the illusions, the smoke and mirrors, the trickery of the world of matter that seeks to keep you trapped. You are free because on a higher level, you can leave that prison, leave that nation, leave that false teaching, and be aware of the truth that is undeniable, the universal spiritual truth that many of the ancients called Gnosis.

When you have reached that state of freedom, you are also full of joy. You are joyful for your accomplishment. You are joyful because you can now understand why others do foolish and dangerous things, and you can forgive them instead of getting angry over it. You are full of joy because you realize that of you have others achieve the same freedom, and they do the same, that soon the illusion will end and we can all live in truth, peace, and joy.

Freedom of Service

As Peirce, Mandala, and others tell us, true freedom comes to those who share what freedom and wisdom they have with others who also seek to be awakened (you can’t force truth on those who choose to remain enslaved by pleasant illusions).

The service comes in the form of helping others to learn and awaken and grow spiritually. This may not sound like service, but it is because it is God’s wish that we do this so we serve Him when we do. There is no greater joy than truly serving God and helping to make His Great Plan of returning Earth and all of the realm of matter back into spirit. Some will resist this notion saying that serving and other being, even God, is not freedom.

In a sense, they have a point, but if you really think about it you will realize that the only possible way to not serve other beings or forces is to do absolutely nothing, and that is impossible. We serve gravity when we stay on the ground. We serve the worlds of matter and the false god, Satan, who runs them, when we breathe, eat, drink, and so on. So the only freedom we have is to choose who we will serve, and the smart choice is to serve God, the true spiritual God, so that we can return to being complete spiritual beings and one with God. Then we will have achieved the freedom of serving ourselves as part of the One.


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