Movement and Cycles in Nature

“Night follows day; and day night. The pendulum swings from Summer to Winter, and then back again. The corpuscles, atoms, molecules, and all masses of matter, swing around the circles of their nature. There is no such thing as absolute rest, or cessation from movement, and all movement partakes of rhythm. … The Universal Pendulum is ever in motion. The tides of life flow in and out according to law. … The Principle of Rhythm is well understood by modern science, and is considered a universal law as applied to material things. … But the Hermetists by studying the operations of this principle have learned to escape some of its activities by Transmutation.
“The Hermetic Masters … discovered that there were two general planes of Consciousness, the Lower and the Higher, the understanding of which has fact enables them to rise to the higher plane and thus escapes the swing of the rhythmic pendulum which manifested on the lower plane.”
~The Three Initiates

Rhythms, Cycles, Movement

Rhythms, cycles, swings of the pendulum. Whatever you call it, the principle is real. “For everything there is a season,” is the way this principle is stated in the Bible. I have gone into detain on this subject before so I won’t do it again. The point her is that this means that everything is constantly in motion. The tides go in and out, the wind blows east, then north, then west, and so on. We walk, we run, we sit, we stand. Those movements are obvious, but there are subtle movements happening on the physical plane that we are not aware of. Over its life span, a tree may move several inches from where it was originally located. And this is not just due to the land shifting, although that is another example to a subtle move that generally goes unnoticed. A spiritual adept may notice these subtle movements more than others, but we all can if we simply pay attention to what is going on around us.

Leaving the Motion of Cycles

We are told the Hermetic master could escape some of these cycles, if they wished to do so, by moving up to a higher level of consciousness. This makes perfect sense if you think about it. If you moved to another planet, you might expect some cycles to be very different than they are on Earth. Likewise, moving to a higher consciousness can help us escape certain cycles that occur only on the lower plane.

Spiritual Movement and Cycles

If we move from a physical level to a spiritual level we will find that the cycles on the spiritual level are very different. First, because there is far less change taking place on spiritual levels, there is less of a need for movement, and what cycles do occur tend to be of the subtle type. Since spirits are not born, do not die, and do not grow old, those cycles do not happen in the spiritual dimensions.

Since we are both physical and spiritual beings, we are not only a part of both physical and spiritual movement and cycles, but also part of the additional movement that occurs between the two major realms of matter and spirit. While we may not be aware of it, even today the process of spirit becoming matter initiated by the fallen angels is still taking place, but so is the redeeming movement initiated by God to change all matter back into spirit.

One who knows this can operate with more freedom than most others. If you are aware that cycles are happening, you can prepare for them just as the farmer prepares to plant in the spring and harvest in the fall. More important than understanding and dealing with this movement on the physical level, is being aware that there is movement between the physical and the spiritual, and you can learn to take advantage of that and become part of it. On a spiritual level, you can move into spiritual realms, then return to the lower level with new knowledge and understanding (and sometimes improved health as well because a strong, healthy spirit will tend to help your mind and body stay healthy also.) You can also help increase that movement of matter back into spirit. You do that by first developing your own spiritual faculties, then by helping others to do the same.


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