Materialism to Spirituality, Darkness to Light

“Our age, we say, is inferior in Wisdom to any other, because it professes, more visibly every day, contempt for truth and justice, without which there can be no wisdom. … Because this century of culture and worship of matter, while offering prizes and premiums for every ‘best thing’ under the sun, from the biggest baby and the largest orchid down to the strongest pugilist and the fattest pig, has no encouragement to offer to morality; no prize to give for any moral virtue. … Because it encourages . Legally and tacitly, vice under every form, … because this is the age which, although proclaimed as one physical and moral freedom, is in truth the age of the most ferocious moral and mental slavery. … Slavery to state and men has disappeared only to make room for slavery to things and self.” ~H. P. Blavatsky

Our Age of Materialism

I think Blavatsky may have been stating the opinions of others when she wrote the passage I quoted from. (By the way, you might notice that I use the ellipsis (…) a lot in the passages I quote. This is not to change the meaning, but to shorten the quote. I don’t want to start a post with a five-hundred-word quote so I cut out some parts without changing the meaning..) Whether her opinion, or the opinion of others, what she says here is much more so today than when she wrote this a century ago. We actually have one of the most materialistic persons in the world as a candidate for president of the United States, and many plan to vote for him! We see tabloid headlines that say things like “Heaved discovered in a photo of the Andromeda Galaxy”. Of course it is nonsense, but not just because tabloids make up this stuff, but also because Heaven is a spiritual realm (the highest, to be specific) and therefore can never be photographed by a satellite, no matter how powerful.

It is also true that governments, corporations, and other organizations encourage materialism with such things as the largest pumpkin contest, and a contest to see who can scarf down the most hot dogs. Even when we award things like the Nobel Peace Prize or the CNN Hero of the Year, it is always for accomplishment on the level of matter. Have you ever even seen a priest or spiritual teacher being considered for such awards? There is, of course, nothing wrong with feeding hungry people, but here is if we are feeding the body while ignoring completely the spirit and soul.

The Other Side

The good news is that there is another side to this coin. In this world of duality, while the forces of materialism have become quite powerful, and seem to many to be completely in charge, spiritual forces, mostly working behind the scenes, are making inroads. Just as the coldest part of night comes just before dawn, the “coldest” part of the age of materialism is coming just at the dawning of a new spiritual age, a new Golden Age. Just as the Dark Ages preceded the Renaissance. The dark age of materialism that has gotten progressively worse over the last several centuries is now being pushed aside by the dawning of the New Golden Age of spirituality, wisdom, and Light. You can help make it happen by not waiting too long to start developing your spiritual faculties and helping others do the same. The Light of the Sun of Righteousness now shines down upon us. Don’t let that great ship sail without you.


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