Learn from the Schoolmaster

“Nay, we have it clearly and plainly to be seen in ourselves, and in all things, if we would not be so mad, blind, and self-conceited, and would not be so drawn to and led by a Schoolboy, but is stick close to the Schoolmaster himself, who is the Master of all Masters; for we see indeed that all things spring out of the eternal Mother, and as she is her own birth, so she has generated this world. … but is come to be in a material manner, and is has the Sun attained another Light and Life; which Light and Life is not the wise Master himself, but the wise Master (who is God) he keeps that Light and Life, so that it stands and continues in the eternal Matrix.” ~Jacob Boehme

Schoolboys and the Schoolmaster

It is clear who Boehme is calling the Schoolmaster; God Himself. But who is he referring to as the schoolboy? I don’t think he means any particular individual, but rather anyone who presumes or pretends to speak for God, when he has neither the knowledge or authority to do so. I think we can also add to that group politicians, scientists, economists, and other who strive to lead us away from God and toward complete materialism. The result of listening to the schoolboys instead of the Master are fairly obvious if we just look around: wars, disease, greed, starvation in a world of plenty, children dying of curable diseases, even a promoter of greed as virtue running for President of the United States, and gaining millions of followers!

Boehme is more than correct is advising us to stick close to the Schoolmaster instead. It is understandable that in a world where we have been carefully and systematically trained to block out the higher frequencies that can permit us to communicate with God and the Angels, people don’t recognize this. Nonetheless, the time is overdue to shake our heads, wake up, and turn back toward the truth and wisdom of spirit. We all need to start developing higher levels of consciousness and awakening our spirits and souls while we can. You don’t wait until the rain starts to build an Ark.

The Mother and The Father

OMG, what is wrong with Boehme? Has he left Christianity and become a pagan worshiper of the Earth Goddess? No, he hasn’t. But Boehme, as a spiritually advanced person, recognizes that God is neither male or female, yet is both. There are certain aspects of God that can be considered female, and therefore that aspect of God can be called the Mother. Other aspects make God the Father. He/She is both, and neither because God has no sex.

I think that when Boehme says the Mother created all things, he is saying that he considers the creative part of God to be female, and that seems reasonable to me. When he says that She has “generated this world,” but later adds that it has “come to be in a material manner”, he is saying that God did create the world, but as a spiritual entity, and it later descended into a material world due to the efforts of the fallen angels under Lucifer.

The Sun, The Light, and The master

The part of the quote about the Light and the Sun is confusing, perhaps due to a bad translation. I think what Boehme is trying to say—and what I know to be true—is that there is more than one kind of light. There is the material light that comes form the material sun and the stars. Then there is spiritual Light that comes from the spiritual Sun. And beyond that, Boehme says, there is an even higher Light that God alone hold in the “eternal Matrix”. This is all true. The point of this lesson is that to reach God, and learn from the Schoolmaster instead of the schoolboys, we must turn to the Light of the spiritual sun to raise our own frequencies and awaken higher states of consciousness that can move us ever closer to becoming one with God the Mother/Father of all.


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