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“The theory so long held of three primary and four secondary colors is purely exoteric, for since the earliest periods it has been known that there are seven, and not three, primary colors. … Thus, although green can be made by combining blue and yellow, there is also a true or primary green which is not a compound. This can be proven by breaking up the spectrum with a prism. …
“Consciousness, Intelligence, and force are fittingly symbolized by the colors blue, yellow, and red. The therapeutic effects of the colors, moreover, are in harmony with the concept. … It has also been shown that minerals and plants affect the human constitution according to their colors. … According to esoteric philosophy, blue is the true and sacred color of the sun.” ~Manly P. Hall

Primary and Secondary Colors

I don’t think it really maters whether you consider there to be seven primary colors, or three primary and four secondary. It is true, however, that the visible spectrum of light consists of many frequencies and the frequency of orange light, for example, is not the same as what you get by mixing red and yellow. In general, when you mix red and yellow, you still get the frequencies of red and the frequencies of yellow, not the frequencies of orange. It’s as if I asked you for three dimes, and you give me two dimes and two nickles. Yes two nickles are equal in value to a dime, but they still remain different.

Chakras or Force Centers

Chakras or Energy Centers

Chakras or Energy Centers

It is not by coincidence that the force centers of the body, on both the physical and psychic levels, are associated with the seven colors of the rainbow (in Cosolargy, we are taught that there are actually eight centers, the topmost being white). Each force center has a different frequency that corresponds with one of the colors. One of the purposes of spiritual practices is to strengthen and balance these energy centers so they function in balance and harmony and energy flows completely through us energy faculties that are usually dormant, or at least rarely used. One can often tell a lot about a person if you know the condition of her energy centers, or conversely, you can know much about the energy centers if you know his personality type. A very materialistic person is likely to have very strong red and orange centers in the lower body, and much weaker blue and violet centers. A daydreamer who has great dreams, but does little with them, is probably strongest in the blue, indigo, and purple centers. Most people today, however, are weak in all the centers and could stand to increase the energy in all of them.

 Gods of Color

Some people wonder why many ancient gods are depicted with oddly colored skin. Some will suggest this is because they were aliens. Actually, the colors were symbolic. Hindu Blue Shivagods, for example, are often depicted with blue skin. This is simply because blue is associated with spiritual things and higher levels of consciousness. The ancient Greek god of death was often shown with black skin or in black robes because the color black was associated with death and Hades. Odin, king of the Norse gods was also associated with blue. On the other side of the spectrum, it should be noted that Satan is often depicted as having bright red skin, the color associated with materialism: think about it.

Affecting Our Colors

Mr. Hill adds that the colors of minerals and plants can determine, to some degree, their effect on us. This has been proven scientifically in many ways. With medicine, it has been found that placebo pills work best when they are in the appropriate color. For example, a yellow pill would work better for a stomach problem than a blue one. A violet pill would work well for a headache.

If we know that we are weak in certain colors, eating foods in those colors, carrying gems,stones, or crystals in those colors, even wearing clothes in those colors can aid in balancing our energy centers. So if you are too materialistic, you should at more green, blue and purple food, wear stones such as Lapis or turquoise, and wear green, blue, and purple clothes frequently.

Mr. Hall adds a final note that in esoteric schools, the true color of the sun was believed to be blue. More accurately, the physical sun was white, gold, or white with a hint of gold; but the spiritualsun was naturally associated with the spiritual color, blue.


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