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“A phenomenon is occurring, which my inner voice has called ‘the Convening,’ and it is a function of frequency-matching. We are beginning to experience the spontaneous materialization of congregations and gatherings. As you dedicate yourself to living as your soul and allowing your personal field to stabilize at that high vibration, other people doing the same thing suddenly appear from your field as if they’re materializing from another dimension. … We look around and find people who are truly on our wavelength—what a pleasant surprise! The Flow which turns out to be the collective consciousness in motion, is moving us all into place to be ready for a new level of coordinated creativity.” ~Penney Peirce

The Times Are Changing

Or as Bob Dylan put it, “the times, they are a changing,” and they definitely are. Some people say that part of what is happening is that old souls from great civilizations of the past, from places like Atlantis and ancient Egypt, are being born into physical form again to aid us. Others say that it is the current circumstances of the world that are allowing greater spiritual development than in previous centuries. Some say it is a combination of these, and more.

The Spiritual Ancients

Some people question the idea that ancient civilizations had spiritually advanced people. They think that since those civilizations disappeared, or were conquered by others, that they could not have been advanced at all. That is simply not true. Just as the death of your physical body does not indicate how strong or how weak your are spiritually, the physical end of a civilization does not indicate that it was spiritually primitive. On the contrary, it is often because they had become spiritually advanced that they made little effort to survive on the lower levels of being.

The World Today

We are all aware, hopefully, that the world today is very violent, materialistic, tribal, and full of people who care only for themselves and their individual families. But that is only one side of the coin. At the same time that some are falling deeper into the pits of matter, others are climbing out and changing conditions are allowing that to happen in greater number and with greater ease. Some of these are called Indigoes, or Crystal Children, others are not even noticed. The planet itself is changing, as well as the entire material universe that is allowing this. The most significant changes for us here on Earth is that the promised Sun of Righteousness has come and shines down upon us now. Do not confuse this sun with the big ball of fire in the sky. The Sun of Righteousness is spiritual, not physical, and those who gaze upon it grow spiritually, unlike the sun-gazers who look at the physical sun and gain some physical benefits, but do noting for their spirits.

The Gathering

Peirce calls it “the Convening.” I like the term “gathering” better, but either is fine. What this means is that just as like-minded people tend to gather together, people who are advancing spiritually and achieving higher states of consciousness are gathering together also. Sometimes, they gather in informal ways, and in groups like book clubs that seem to have no direct connection with this advancement in vibrations, others are more formal like our Cosolargy community. Either way, this is more than just a matter of feeling comfortable around others who are on a similar frequency. It is also a way to continue that advancement because it is easier to do in groups rather than alone. Even in cases where you are part of a group, but not physically present with them when they practice spiritual growth techniques, you still get some of the benefits just by belonging to the group and practicing the techniques on your own.


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