polarity and balance
Aspects of Polarity and Balance

“It is impossible to consider the Law of Polarity without considering the Law of Attraction of the center and the attraction of the circumference, because polarity has its basis in these two laws. … The attraction towards the center gives the negative, and the attraction towards the circumference the positive aspect, and it is those two in polarity that produce the circulation of force. You see the prototype of which this is the correspondence, in the positive and negative aspects of the Cosmic Rays. … Polarity according to the horizontal account is horizontal – two of a kind, opposite in type. Polarity according to the esoteric concept is vertical and has its clue is correspondence. … This will teach you that a force which is positive upon one plane will be negative upon the plane above; whether you are considering the emanations of the Zodiac or the levels of consciousness this is equally true.” ~Dion Fortune

While some try to deny it, it is obvious to most of us that we live on a plane of duality where virtually everything has an opposite: hot and cold, male and female, light and dark, white and black, etc. I think the reason some try to deny this is the idea that we are saying good and evil are both equal and necessary, but we are not. We are saying that both exist, but not because it is necessary or because God wants it that way, but rather because the warped, mutated world of matter created by the fallen angels has all forces split into two in order for them to function.

I have never looked at it as some things moving toward the center (however you define that), and others moving toward the circumference ore perimeter, but that seems reasonable. One of the theories of modern science is that there really are no opposite forces, but merely forces moving in opposite directions. Some even say that antimatter is really just matter that moves in the opposite direction. This is what Ms. Fortune s saying when she says its “clue is correspondence”.

I have also never heard the theory that what is negative on one plane of existence will be positive on the next higher one. It does make sense up to a point, but in the higher, spiritual levels, there is no duality, no positive and negative, only balance. And it is well known to those who study spirituality that what seems to be light on one level is darkness on a higher level (this is why the devils and demons can trick people into believing they are angels on this level where their darkness seems to be light). Another thing many people are not aware of is that true opposites do not have to exist in order for movement to occur. We have been told that electricity flows from the negative side to the positive side of a circuit. What is rarely mentioned, unless you get into serious study of the subject, is that electricity can flow from negative to negative as long as one side is significantly more negative than the other. It must also be noted at this point that the negative side of an electrical circuit is actually the positive side based on the way most of us think of positive and negative. The negative side of a circuit is the side that has an abundance of electrons, while the positive side has few electrons. Think of two containers of water connected together at the bottom. If you fill one with water, half will flow to the other until both are half full. But if you fill one container half way, and the other all the way, water will still flow until they are both three-fourths full, so both sides can have some water, yet it will still flow. What this means, is that on higher levels, instead of positive and negative, you could have two levels of positive, and energy would still flow from positive+ to positive, from positive++ to positive+.

Now we get to the real meat of this, so to speak: how to fix it? That is, how do we get out of being in a world of duality, good and evil, light and dark? One way is to bring more positive energy into the world. We can start with ourselves by trying to think more positively about things. Even when we know something is negative and evil, think of it as something temporary that can be fixed, not something that has to be. Most of all, we can awaken our spiritual faculties – our spirit and soul, and raise our own vibrations closer and closer to the next higher level and, by doing so, help everyone and everything around us do the same. So seek the light and avoid the dark corners of polarity.


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