Heaven Bound

“The Scholar asked his Master ‘Whither goeth the Soul when the body dieth?’
His Master answered him: There is no necessity for it to go whither. … Only the outward mortal life with the body shall separate themselves from the Soul. The Soul hath Heaven and Hell within itself … There is no such kind of entering in; forasmuch as Heaven and Hell are everywhere, being universally co-existent. … For God is in Heaven and God is everywhere. … The Devil is in Hell, and the whole world, … which is as much as to say, not only that the Devil is in the world, but that the world is in the Devil; and if in the Devil, then in Hell too.” ~Jacob Bohme

This may be a matter of splitting hairs, yet it is important to understand what Bohme is trying to say. In the conventional, material sense of going somewhere, physical movement must be involved. He is saying that no such movement is necessary to go to Heaven or Hell. Heaven and Hell are dimensions, not places like Paris or Rome. On the other hand, it is not correct to say we are already in either Heaven or Hell. While the Earthly Third Dimension is very close to Hell, which is the second dimension, it isn’t Hell. And Heaven is several dimension above the third. So we do have to “travel” to get there, it is just not a type of travel that involves any physical movement. Instead, we need only lower our frequencies to those of Hell to sink into that dimension or raise the to those of Heaven to find ourselves suddenly in that direction. It may be “traveling without moving” as they say in the Dune books, but it is still traveling and we do need to make an effort to get there.

When prophets and artists want to express this, they tend to use allegory since we have no words to describe this travel between dimensions. Therefore, the raising of frequencies to those of Heaven and the angels is often describes as, or depicted as, climbing a very high mountain. On the other hand, the descent into the dimension called Hell is depicted as going into a cave or falling into a whole. In many ancient civilizations, Hell was called the underworld. This is another allegory for descending into lower frequencies and should not be taken literally.

In short, we live in a universe of many dimensions. Some of those dimensions are spiritual and some are physical. We live in the third dimension which is more physical than spiritual, but the spiritual is still present. As we climb to higher dimensions, we find less and less of the physical, more and more of spirit. If we descend to the second dimension called Hell, we find no spirit at all, it is pure matter and therefore is complete separation from God.

Another part of the quote from Boehm worth mentioning. He talks about the Devil being in Hell and the whole world and the whole world being in the Devil. While he is trying to express why Hell is everywhere (in the physical sense) he is also expressing another important fact which is that the physical dimensions are the realm of Satan and that includes the third as well as the second. That is why this dimension has such horrors as death, disease, terrorists, and so on. Those things can only exist in the realm of Satan, not God, so one of the goals of spiritual people is, with the help of God, to raise the vibrations of the third dimension so Earth will one again become a spiritual place where such horrors do not exist.


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