Take Responsibility and Stop Blaming God

“You should know that the body’s sufferings belong to it by nature, inasmuch as it is corruptible and material. The disciplined soul must, therefore, gratefully show itself persevering and patient under such sufferings, and must not blame God for having created the body.
“Those who compete in the Olympic games are not crowned after achieving victory over their first opponent, or their second or third, but only after they have defeated every one of their competitors. In the same way, therefore, all who wish to be crowned by God must train their souls to be disciplined in respect not only of bodily matters, but also of love of gain, rapacity, mode of life, envy, self-esteem, abuse, death, and all such things.” ~The Philokalia

When we suffer from physical illnesses, many of us like to find someone or something to blame for it. Our job makes us work long hours and stresses us out and that results in illness. There are too may chemicals and GMOs in the food we eat and that makes us ill. The radiation from cell phones, lights, Televisions, computes, and so on is weakening us and making us get sick. To various degrees, all of those things are true. What is definitely not true is that God is art fault. God does not make us sick, or injure us, or make us go blind, yet many like to blame Him. This is partially due to our tendency to avoid responsibility, but also because of the mistaken belief that our material bodies were created by God. God did not create our physical bodies, or anything else that is material. He created the spiritual reality that underlies it all, but not the matter. If God created it, there would be no disease, no death, no suffering, so obviously, it is not His creation, but that of the fallen angels. Even if God had created our physical bodies originally, who is responsible for what has happened to them since we were born twenty, forty, or even sixty years ago? The blames, if we are truly honest, rests almost entirely with ourselves. Yes there are harmful chemicals in processed foods, but we can choose to eat minimally processed organic foods. We can choose to sit in front of the TV, or get us and take a walk, or go to the gym. As Dumbledore told Harry potter, it is our choices that make us what we are, at least physically.

If you have to blame God for something, blame Him for giving us the ability to overcome the weaknesses and limitation of the material by awakening our spiritual faculties: the spirit and soul. We can overcome all the limitations of matter by becoming pure spirit, along with the world around us. But we can’t do it instantly, or by sitting on our butts and waiting for others to do it for us. As the second part of the quote says, you don’t win that gold medal by defeating one opponent, but by defeating all of them. You also don’t reach the level of competence necessary to compete on that level overnight. This is where many run into problems with spiritual development.

Some churches tell people they are born again simply by joining that church and declaring Jesus their savior. Jesus never taught such nonsense. He told his apostles and disciples to follow Him, to do what He did, and they would be save, not just watch Him do it and applaud. Some spiritual schools that pop up overnight like mushrooms in these times teach similar nonsense. They make you believe that just by attending a seminar or retreat for a week or two, you become enlightened. In some of them, you may leave more enlightened than you were before, but you are not going to become fully enlightened in a week or two. Like that Olympic athlete that trained for years before he was good enough to compete, the spiritual student must gradually change from a purely material life to a purely spiritual one in many steps and over much time. The rewards are worth the effort.

SO stop blaming God and start taking some responsibility for yourself and your world.


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