Nature, Law and God

“Your spirit moves over the Earth, instructing the bee in the gathering of its honey and the hornet in the making of its nest. It directs the ant in the complex design of its cavern and the swallow in its mud gathering. It guides the birds in their season and calls the locusts at their appointed times. All creatures have their unlearned wisdom, which is an outpouring force emanating from Your Spirit.
“When You fill the Earth with the shining light, which rules the day under Your command, all men rejoice, for by this. All things are increased and food comes forth in abundance.” ~The Kolbrin Bible

You may wonder how, as a Gnostic Christian, I can agree that the activities of animals and plants can be guided by God, as the quoted passage states. It doe seem to be contradictory to say that the material world was not created by God, yet is still governed by his law and controlled by his wisdom, but it isn’t contradictory. God’s Law controls all level of the universe so even on the level of matter His Law must be observed. The big problem is that the dark beings who generated this level of being try to hide that fact from us.

You can think of it as a hierarchy of creation. God is at the top of the pyramid and He creates the laws that govern all lower levels. The angels and other Beings of Light obey God’s laws and serve Him. When the fallen ones created matter, they also created Nature. Nature has it own laws, but since nature is a lower level than God, natures laws must conform to God’s law in the same way that state and city laws cannot violate national laws.

So animals and plants are following the laws of nature, they really have no choice. But since the laws of nature are also governed by the Law of God, the plants and animals are also subject to God’s law. So the bee doesn’t have to actually understand why it gathers honey, it just does it. The bird in the middle of the flock doesn’t have to know that it must turn quickly when the others do, or get smacked into, it just does it. In shot, the animals and plants don’t have any ideas of being superior to law and having free will, so they don’t resist God’s Law or natures, and do just fine because of it.

The Kolbrin Bible using the interesting phrase, “unlearned wisdom,” in reference to this. What it means is that there are many things that animals don’t have to be taught, they just know how to do it and that it should be done. The bee never tries to dive in the lake and catch a fish like it saw a Heron do because the bee has no desire to be like a Heron. The rabbit doesn’t decide to nest in a tree because the monkey does (unless the rabbit has been genetically engineered, but that’s another story). What’s I find even more interesting than this “unlearned wisdom” is the concept of the One Hundredth Monkey. This theory, based on a discovery made in the 1950s, is that when a sufficient number of animals of a particular species is taught how to do something (the number is not necessarily one hundred), all other members of the species will automatically know how to do it. This tells us that animals are communicating with each other in a way that we consider psychic, and if they can do it, so can we.

The quoted text ends with a reference to God’s Light and how we should all rejoice for this. Indeed, we should. This Light not only awakens and nourished our spirit and soul, but it contain knowledge and wisdom that we can absorb if we attune ourselves to it. When we do, we become smarter and wiser because that knowledge is truth, real truth, forever truth. And when enough of us take in and absorb that truth, then we may all awaken to the truth and the wisdom of the true God of Spirit and Light and abandon false gods or godless materialism.


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