It Already Exists

“All possible worlds and creations already exist in the unified field, waiting to be called forth. For example, your soul holds the ideal destiny pattern for your life as a resonating spiritual field of consciousness-and-energy. Mental patterns with corresponding thoughts drop-down infrequency from that to create the mental field –— the mental body; then those patterns drop-down infrequency creating the emotional field—the emotional body; and on to the next lower field that closely models the physical form—the etheric (energy) body. Clairvoyance often see this electromagnetic energy body as a subtle body-double made of light, or etheric energy. This is also your aura, a personal field, or inner blueprint, and your physical body, life, and destiny coalesce out of it. The same process is true for any project, situation, or object you want to materialize and have.
“What you do while your physical being—the thoughts you think, choices you make, emotions you feel, actions you take—feedback into your system of resonating fields or bodies. Any contractions of consciousness-and-energy based on fearful thoughts and emotions can act as clutter and distort the flow.” ~Penney Peirce

I’m not certain that all possible worlds and creations already exist as Ms. Pierce says they do, however, her theory does make sense. When you consider that the spiritual is eternal and that everything physical is generated from the spiritual then it stands to reason that everything already exists on a spiritual level and it simply manifests at different times on the physical level.

Your soul does hold the ideal pattern for your life but this doesn’t mean very much if you haven’t bothered to awaken that soul. When we are born on the physical level our soul is in a dormant state and it must be awaken before it can be of any benefit to us or to God. So before you can be guided by your soul you have to awaken it and develop it.

Some people have said that what makes it possible for certain psychics and prophets to predict future events is that they have the ability to see things on a spiritual level before they manifest on the physical level. Another variation of this, is that they can sense what people are thinking in general and know that those thoughts will soon manifest the physical objects or conditions desired. This is one reason why mystics have warned us or cautioned us to be careful what we think about. The more materialistic type of person thinks that it is okay to think about anything and no harm is done, but the spiritually advanced person knows that when we think about something frequently enough and in large enough numbers that that thing is almost certain to manifest. Likewise, fear is a very powerful attractant. When we fear things we are actually creating a kind of magnet that actually draws those things to us. Therefore, it is in our own interest to try to eliminate our fears rather than feed them and make them stronger. Unfortunately, in recent times, the advertising industry has found that catering to our fears in an effective way of getting us to do things and to buy things. The intelligent person resists giving in to fear, even occasionally, because he knows that to do so will only strengthen that fear and make it grow stronger and more irrational. And when we as a society began to function according to our fears instead of our needs, we become a warped society.

Ms. Pierce also mentions the aura. One thing many people don’t think about with regard to fears is that they affect our aura. It is can affect our aura or energy fields in a way that weakens us and makes us more susceptible to various diseases as well as to attacks by demons and other dark beings. Therefore, another part of spiritual practice is to not only get rid of fears but also to strengthen our energy fields so that we can resist those attacks.

On the more mundane level, what Ms. Pierce is saying is that we should be able to manifest almost anything that we want in our lives using positive thinking and visualization techniques because on a certain level all of these things already exist, that is assuming, of course, that what you desire is reasonable and possible. If for example you desire to live without having to eat or breathe you are being unreasonable and irrational and those thoughts cannot possibly manifest. But beyond just desiring something reasonable one has to be careful to look for things that they really need and that can help them grow as spiritual beings. A failure to do that can result in a warped and meaningless life rather than a meaningful one. The other problem with using visualization techniques or other methods to get what we want to manifest is that we have to make certain that we deserve to get what we ask for otherwise, we are in essence asking Satan to put it on our tab and that is not a wise thing to do. When you ask for something to manifest on the physical level that you have not earned, Satan gets to decide what he will charge you and when for granting your wish. So, as the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.


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