Attributes of God

“For men that think so, suffer that which is most ridiculous of all; for professing to bless, and praise God, yet in not ascribing to Him the making or doing of All things, they know Him not. And besides their not knowing Him, they are extremely impious against Him, attributing unto Him passions, as Pride, or Oversight, or Weakness, or Ignorance, or Envy. … God hath only one Passion, namely Good; and He that is Good, is neither proud, nor impotent, nor the rest, but God is Good itself.” ~Hermes

It is curious and strange how many men throughout the ages have tried to reduce God to their level by attributing to him human frailties and emotions. We laugh at the ancients with their pantheon of gods who fought with each other, schemed against each other, got jealous and angry, and in general acted much like humans, yet in the Bible we talk of God being “a jealous God,” “An angry God,” and so on.

As Hermes correctly states, God has but one passion which is Good. If you think that God gets jealous, arrogant, prideful, egotistical, angry, or any other human emotion, you are trying to lower Him to your level, or you are confusion a demon with God. Satan is, of course, a “jealous god,” because he know that he is a false god, a usurper. The real God could not possible be jealous. Who would he be jealous of? Satan, who pretends to be god? Man who pretends to understand God? The whole idea is ridiculous. And that is true of other emotions.

Another is envy. Who what could God be envious of? He is the creator of all that is real and permanent, is he supposed to be jealous of the fallen angels and the temporary words they created? That’s like expecting the chef who makes gourmet wedding cakes for celebrities to be jealous of a child making mud pies.

Storm1JSome say that God doesn’t stop evil things like tornadoes, earth quakes and floods because He is too weak. Or he doesn’t stop Satan because he is too weak. How could the creator be too weak? The creation cannot be stronger than the creator. The temporary cannot be stronger than the permanent. God is the creator and He is permanent, so he cannot be weak. So why doesn’t He stop tornadoes? Because He isn’t creating them, we are! When you strike a match and start a fire, that isn’t God’s fault. And if you don’t put out your campfire properly and he result is a thousand acres of forest burned, that is your doing, not Gods. God is not going to take from us the facing of the backlash fro our behavior, the karma, the equal reaction to our action. And when we fill the world with angry, jealous, resentful thoughts, those thoughts do work and that work is earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes. It is no different than our starting the fire with a match. Why should God interfere because we refuse to face reality? We need to learn to be responsible for our actions.

Probably the silliest suggestion of all is that God is ignorant. If God doesn’t know it, it cannot possible exist, therefore, by definition, God, the creator, knows everything. Some might say, “does He really know what suit I wore yesterday?” or, “Doe’s He really hear everything I say?” There is a difference between knowledge and data. Those are examples of raw data that is quite meaningless on a universal level, there God has no need for “knowing” it anymore than you need to know the names of every little bug in your house. He knows the big picture but has no need to concentrate on meaningless details. So He does know everything; everything real and permanent.


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