The New Man of The New Golden Age

“And when he fashions and constructs and purifies the new man, he will bring forth five great living members from the five great members and places them in the members of the new man. He will place his mind, which is in love, in the mind of the new man. And thought, which is faith, he will place in the thought of the new man, whom he will purify. His, insight, which is perfection, … his council, which is patience, … and wisdom, which is his consideration, he will place in the new man…. And the new man reigns by love, by faith, by perfection, by patience, and by wisdom. Yet his king is the light mind, who is king of all.” ~Mani

Geopoliticus Child Watching the Birth of the New Man is a 1943 painting by Salvador Dalí

The New Man will be very different from the current man, and he is coming soon. Actually, the new man isn’t really new but is a return to what we were before The Fall. He will be new only in the sense of being new in a material world.

Mani is telling us how the new man will differ from the materialistic man of today, but in very generalized terms. He will be a person who operates out of love for all rather than from hatred, fear, or a need to control and dominate. He will have faith, but a faith based on the knowledge of truth rather than the blind faith promoted by many churches today (and some governments as well). He will have insight, intuition and knowledge of all so his actions will not be based on false beliefs or theories that are later found to be false. Yet, Mani tells us, he will be patient with and tolerant of those who continue to operate out of ignorance and fear because he will understand their condition and will know that they too will change eventually.

When Mani says the New Man will reign by love, faith, perfection, patience, and wisdom, he is not only repeating the attributes of this advanced being, but also slyly telling us that this new man—who is not a single individual, but a group of enlightened men and women—will lead in the New Golden Age which they will help bring about. This may be hard to believe now when we are getting ready to elect a president in a year and most of the candidates seem do have been selected for their love of ignorance and lack of any desire to be actual leaders.

All of what Mani says hers is true, but limited. It is almost like telling us how the new man will dress rather than what the new man himself will be. First, the new man will not be a materialist, and that means more than just not clinging to material possessions. While he may still need to eat physical food, at least for a generation or two, he will rely less and less on it and instead be solar powered. His body will absorb energy from the physical sun and his spirit and soul will be powered by the spiritual sun or the Sun of Righteousness. Because he is not killing to eat, or at least very rarely, he will live much longer and be much healthier. Since aging is caused more by eating and drinking toxins and, most of all, false beliefs regarding how long we should live and what we should look like at a certain age, the New Man will likely appear to be only twenty to thirty years old, even when his chronological age is sixty or seventy. Even at the century mark, he is likely to be spry, healthy, and mentally alert and active.

Most important of all, this New Man will value the spiritual above the material. He will value the laws of nature above those of man and the laws of God above those of nature, and he will operate accordingly in all things he does 24/7. He will be in constant communication with higher realms, or spiritual worlds, and will be able to exercise more control over what happens and be better prepared for disasters that are unavoidable. He will, however, teach all people how to greatly reduce the natural disasters like tornadoes and earthquakes by proper thinking and control of emotions and fears. Please not that controlling in this case doesn’t mean suppressing them and burying them deep inside where they fester then suddenly erupt like a volcano; it means reducing negative and violent thinking and emotions through wisdom and knowledge of what is real and what effect that negativity has on the world around us.


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