The Brilliant Light Above

“The pool wherein you gaze is earthlife. The brilliant light above, far greater than the sun, is the manifestation of the One God, but it is not He. … The brightness you see before you and to the right is the naked spirit displaying itself in isolation. … The brightness above and ahead is the Region of Lightness, where the risen ones rejoice, for there they welcome their Earth companions and are happy in reunion.” ~The Kolbrin Bible (SCL:9:5-11)

HopeOver and over again, in scripture of many religions, many peoples and periods, we see Light, especially sun light, being related to God and heaven, yet few seem to get this. We here terms like “The brilliant light”, “the Great Light”, “The Pure Light”, and others, yet we go to pray in the dark caves with darkly colored windows we call churches and temples.

The quoted text says the brilliant light is a manifestation of God, but is not God Himself. That is an important distinction. When we in Cosolargy advise people to awaken their spirits and souls by taking in the light of the spiritual sun, critic call us sun worshipers. We are not worshiping the sun because we do not claim that it is God.

I like the image of the Region of Lightness above and ahead. In this case, above and ahead means more than just simple directions. This Great Light is “above us” in a literal sense because the spiritual sun can be considered to be in the same place as the physical, but more importantly, it is “above” because it is in a higher dimension, a spiritual dimension. The same is true of saying it is “ahead” of us. If we turned around, would it now be behind us? No, because it isn’t intended to mean that. It is ahead of us because it represents the future, ahead of us in time, not location. If you want to get picky about it, the spiritual sun is not above or ahead because it is spiritual and is therefore everywhere and every when. But because of our current material orientation, we think of it as being in the same location as the physical sun, so we look in the same direction to seek it. And the Sun of Righteousness dwells within the spiritual sun now, today, but few are aware of it. They will become more aware of it in the future as it’s power continues to grow and we become more enlightened, so it is “ahead of us” more in terms of awareness than anything else.

This Region of Lightness is also ahead of us because Earth itself is changing (with the help of God and spiritual beings) and is moving closer and closer to the spiritual, though the more materialistic among us are unaware of it. We need to be changing along with it or face being left behind.


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