As Here, So There In a Holographic Universe

“When you’re practicing new perception, the Flow doesn’t really take you anywhere; you’re always at home in the center of your sphere … The flow is the movement between what physicist David Bohm called the implicate (enfolded/nonphysical) order, and the explicate (unfolded/physical) order. Bohm proposed that matter and consciousness are both holographic, in that they both enfold the structure of the whole within each part, and both are involved in a continuous process of enfoldment and unfoldment. … We’re blinking on and off, or in and out, of physical reality like an extremely fast strobe light that never stops. Our reality, which only exists in our now, is coming and going with us—it’s as though the present moment itself is breathing.” ~Penney Peirce

holograph-UniverseWhen people talk or write about Hermes and hos philosophy of , “as above, so below,” they think in terms of the solar system being much like an atom, a molecule being much like a galaxy. But maybe we should look at it more in terms of the science of quantum physics and the idea of the universe being a holograph. One of the things that distinguish a holograph from an ordinary photograph is that if you cut a holograph in half and than project both pieces, you get two whole images rather than two halves. You can cut the hologram in several pieces and each will still contain the whole.

There is no reason to believe that the great hologram that we call the physical universe is any different. In fact, some scientists have said that this great hologram is made of many rays of light that carry information and that as they cross each other, they gain information from each other with the result that all information is found in any one of those rays. If we knew how to do it, we could collect all information about the universe from one of those rays. The implication of this is that instead of pending many years learning facts and theories in school, only to have many of them change later, we would be better off if we learned how to tap into this universal source of knowledge.

Beyond the physical universe, there is even more Light and more information. The spiritual universe, which is probably much like a hologram also, has just as much information hidden in its rays of spiritual Light, if not more. It is the duty and purpose of every real spiritual school to teach students to absorb this Light which awakens the spiritual faculties (spirit and soul) and nourishes them in a sense. But beyond that, the spiritual faculties also tap into the information found in those rays (we call it Information Factors or I.F.) Students gain spiritual knowledge this way, even though they themselves are often not aware of it because it is not shared with the conscious mind. Some of it does filter through to the subconscious though and this can cause the spiritual student to become very wise. The spiritual student is better able to make wise decisions in all matters of life, both spiritual and physical, because of this knowledge that is hiding within him. So gaining spiritual knowledge and wisdom is more than just a way of preparing for the afterlife, it is very useful on the physical plain as well.

I’m not so sure about the blinking in and out of the physical world thing, do it does make some sense. I have just never heard of any of the great spiritual teachers talk of this. Jesus dis say that the Kingdom of God id all around us and we just don’t see it, but He didn’t say we are popping in and out of it all the time and just are not aware of it. It does make sense, though, that our spirit could not live long trapped in a world of matter, just as a fish will die out of water. But if you could rapidly move the fish from water to air and back again, it would not be harmed. Maybe something like that is happening to us. Some people might say we would notice if we were blinking in and out, no matter how rapidly, but that is not true. Because they are operating on alternating current, regular light bulbs blink on and off sixty times a second, but we don’t notice because it is so fast.


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