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Valentines1I know it was yesterday, but I still want to say Happy Valentine’s Day to my followers who don’t see my Facebook page.


I really can’t understand the big stink about Brian Williams reporting and memory issues when we accept complete fantasies delivered as news on Fox.


I’m glad to see that several more states, including very conservative Alaska, are trying tofRANKcORN pass GMO labeling laws. If we can require labels to tell us if there are nuts in the product, ore even if it was made in a factory that processes nuts, there is no reason why we can’t get these labels on GMO junk. I think the real reason the industry is fighting so hard against it is that once we know which products contain GMOs, we will be able to accumulate statistics that will show how much health problems of today are the result of these strange products with scrambled DNA.


While looking at news stories online, I saw an add for clothes that change color to adjust to the weather. I’ve thought for some time that a good idea to help us all save on heating and cooling costs would be roofing tiles that change color: white or light color in hot weather and black or dark gray in cold.


Monarch2I’m also happy to see that an effort is being made to save the Monarch butterfly that is rapidly disappearing, but the solution is very incomplete. What is killing hem off is a combination of loss of territory, loss of food, and being poisoned by pesticides and herbicides. This new program only tackles one of those by encouraging people to grow milkweed, their favorite food. It totally ignores the biggest problem which is the environmental poisons killing these butterflies as well as bees, frogs, toads and other insects and small animals. You would have thought we learned our lesson with DDT back in the fifties and sixties when the book Silent Spring revealed that this insecticide we were all being encouraged to use liberally was also killing birds, fish, and other animals. But instead of learning other ways, we simply switched to different poisons! Stupid!


Banning cigarettes has not hurt sales at CVS stores. Maybe the struggling casino business can take the hint and start trying to bring in the 82 percent of the population who don’t smoke instead of catering to the 18% who do.


It’s curious that in all the talk about vaccinations in the media no one is mentioning that eating healthy food, getting plenty of exercise and fresh air, getting sunshine, and avoiding too much exposure to the radiations of technology with prevent many of these illnesses. It’s also amazing that few people seem to be noticing that the drug industry is trying very hard to NOT cure anything! They just want to treat symptoms forever. Money, money, money!



Your own self-realization is the greatest service you can render the world.” ~Sri Ramana Maharshi



A brilliant pink and orange sunrise on Valentine’s Day in the Reno area.

Val 004


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