EasterIsandStatueAccording to a recent news story, the ancient people of Easter Island who build those strange giant statues either traveled to places in South America or South American’s visited their island, possibly both. When Gene Savoy suggested such things and sailed three different ships based on ancient designs to prove it was possible, he was laughed at by the “experts” because their books told them it was impossible, the ancients just didn’t have the ability to make such lengthy trips.


The fact that a number of big “food” companies areMonsanto1 spending many millions of dollars to stop the push for labeling products that contain GMO ingredients shoud tell you something about the crap they are selling. In addition to Monsanto and the other companies that create and sell GMOs, the biggest fighters against labeling are: Pepsi, Coke, and Kraft foods.


I saw a recent article about horror movies that really scared us. In my case, the movie that did that was The Exorcist. It may have been because it was promoted as being based on an actual possession case, but it seemed so real to me that I had to sleep with a light on that night and still slept poorly.


Morph1Some people really get into Halloween spending a great deal of money and time on costumes and decorations. This costume is the ultimate. Called the morphing costume, although it looks like a diamond encrusted mummy to me, is covered in real diamonds and will set you back about $1.6 million. What’s truly scary is that someone might actually buy this while watching children die of starvation and totally ignore it.


Predictions are a tricky thing. The scientific or materialistic types laugh at psychic predictions, but often embrace those of so-called futurists who use scientific methods to predict the future, like the ones who predicted back in the 1950s that we would all be in flying cars by 2000. Anyway, here are some recent predictions from the web site Long Bets:

  • By 2030, China will claim ownership of the moon
  • By 2030, passengers will fly in pilotless planes
  • By 2018, the euro will not be the legal currency of Italy, France, or Germany
  • By 2060, the population of Earth will be less than it is now.

No mention of flying cars.



“Fire transforms all things it touches into its own nature. The wood does not change the fire into itself, but the fire changes the wood into itself. In the same way we are transformed into God so that we may know Him as He is.” ~Meister Eckart



A pest control official in Chicago was testifying before the city council when a roach was seen walking on the wall behind him

A man in Washington(the state, I think) has submitted a public disclosure request to get the addresses of strippers so he can pray for them because, obviously, you can’t pray for someone’s salvation without knowing their address, and maybe bra size, right?

A man in Georgia who was on probation accidentally sent a text message to the wrong person. He asked his probation officer: “You have some weed?”. He’s back in jail.

Some folks with way to much free time made a video remake of Dawson’s Creek starring weiner dogs.

A man in Great Britain avoiding going to court for committing robbery by pretending to be in a coma for two years before he got caught.


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