Spiritual and Material Worlds

“The spirit of man has the potential for doing all things; it can even rise above earthly limitations. The awakened soul can do whatsoever it wills. Man makes the environment for his own development; as it is now, so countless wills from the past have fashioned it. …
“As long as the soul looks outward only, into the deceptive environment of matter and is satisfied with the material pleasures it finds there, and which its baser body finds compatible, it remains cut off from the greater realm of spirit. It binds itself to matter, failing to find the greater pleasures always there in the silent depths of its being. Confused I his attitude by experiences in a deceptive environment, mortal man becomes convinced that all desirable things lie outside himself. He concludes that satisfaction comes from gaining the things which promote material welfare. This is the folly of the unbalanced man. However, balance is is the keyword, for it is equally foolish to turn away from material things altogether.” ~The Kolbrin Bible GLN:15:57-59

First, I would like to note that I only discovered the Kolbrin Bible a few months ago and, as I go through it, I am beginning to wonder why it is largely ignored by spiritual groups and teachers when it contains a great deal of spiritual wisdom. Granted, it also contains some nonsense and things open to gross misinterpretation, but then so do virtually all other holy books.

Yes, the spirit of man can rise above earthly limitations, but only if it is freed from the entrapment of material pleasures and attachments to material possessions. The quote says the soul binds itself to the deceptive world of matter. I don’t think that is accurate. It is the mind, in particular the ego, that binds itself to matter and the pleasures therein because it knows nothing else. The soul is ALWAYS attached to, linked to, and fully knowledgeable of the spirit realms. In fact, it has been noted by more than one enlightened individual that probably the only danger of awakening the soul is that it immediately remembers what the higher spirit worlds are like, and immediately wants to leave the lower worlds of matter. But now that we are in the so called “end times”, meaning the end of the material world, not the end of all, it is important that we do awaken the soul so we can be ready for the coming changes, changes which have already started without being noticed by the materialists.

In The Langoliers, a miniseries based on a Stephen King novel, a passenger jet manages to somehow get carried into the past. By being just a few days or hours in the past, the buildings and other objects are the same, but no people are around. The cast soon learns that there is a great danger about being trapped in the past: The Langoliers. These monstrosities are creatures that eat everything that is left in the past because the past cannot continue to exist along with the present.

This story makes an excellent parable about the dilemma we find ourselves in now. Those who cling to the past and refuse to grow will find themselves eaten by the monsters. Those who refuse to grow and learn and change with a changing world will be doomed to parish with the old. Those who cling to materialism in a world becoming more spiritual everyday are like people climbing up a tree to escape a forest fire! None of us want to see any of our friends, brothers, or sisters get eaten by the Langoliers, so we do what we can to convince people that the age of materialism is over. We probably won’t convince everybody, but we will convince some and that is the best that can be done.

Millions of years ago, scientists tell us, some land animals were faced with some unknown tragedy, and had to start seeking food in the oceans. Those who did, eventually became whales, the others died off. Billions of years ago, spiritual beings decided for some unknown reason to play in the mud puddle called matter. They played in it so long that they become trapped, many forgetting their origin. Now the time has come that they must wake up to who they really are or parish when the worlds of matter are changed back into words of spirit.


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