Random Thoughts 8-31-2014

A lot of people are arguing that no laws were broken in the case of the nine-year-old girl getting trained to shoot an uzi automatic (Why? Are her parents hoping she will grow up to be a mercenary?) who lost control of the gun and shot the instructor. It may be true that no laws were broken, but that does not mean it is OK to give a rather frail little girl an automatic gun to play with. Too many people forget that just because it is legal to do something does not mean it is right to do it.

There is a lesson in the unfortunate death of Robin Williams that I haven’t heard anyone mention yet. A good lesson for the many young people who seem to have developed the attitude that life is all about fame and celebrity and we should do anything we can to make that happen. Williams had celebrity and fame, he was one of the most famous and most liked people in the world. Yet, all that fame and celebrity and millions of fans didn’t prevent him from becoming depressed. Fame and fortune may be nice, but they are not the answer to all our problems.

A news story says that McDonald’s will be changing their menu over the next couple of years to try to improve their shrinking business. They will be adding more fruits, salads, and vegetables to the menu. But their was no mention in the report of organic food, whole grain breads, or even the baby step of eliminating GMOs.

A company CEO is apologizing for a video that shows him kicking a puppy in an elevator. He claims the incident was totally out of character for him, but provides no proof of that. It sounds like another case of being sorry he got caught rather than being sorry for what he did.

So now Russia’s Putin is shaking his saber, in the form of nuclear bombs, at the entire world. Has anyone told this guy the middle ages are over and saber rattling proves you are stupid, not macho.

99PacksA brewery in Texas (where else) has put out a 99 pack of beer. It started as a promotional gimmick, but some customers want it for real. They made twenty of them and sold out on the first day.


Another argument over reclining seats in airplanes. How dare people think that they have a right to stop people from laying in their lap because that persons comfort is obviously more important than yours. At least that seems to be the attitude of the airlines who keep trying to squeeze as many passengers as they can onto planes but refuse to prevent seats from reclining.


But the Father is the cause of his Children, who hath a will both to sow and nourish that which is good by the sun.” ~Hermes Trismegistus


Doctors without Borders has been mentioned frequently in the news recently because they are on the front lines in the fight against the Ebola epidemic. But they are involved all over the world in helping people in poor countries and rural areas get needed medical care. Click on the photo to go to their page.



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