Random Thoughts 6-29-2014

I’m still working on rebuilding my blog in it’s new location and with the new blogging software, but I think I have is nearly done now except for getting the old articles into the new blog. I think I will be done with that in a few days. Unfortunately, there is no way to recover my list of subscribers ore get back my rating on search engines like Google and Yahoo. Since my blog is now considered new by their logic, it isn’t even being referenced by them and wont be until it’s at least 30 days old.


It was shocking enough to learn that a father left his infant in a hot car all day because he forgot about him, but new information is pointing to the possibility that it was deliberate, which is really sad.


This is ridiculous. A family in California hired a live-in nanny. After a while, they fire her for not doing her job, but they can’t kick her out of their house because a judges says that even though she is no longer an employee, the family can’t kick her out without a hearing first. See the full story here.


Another reason to cut back on meat eating. This article on Huff Post says that vegetarians have a smaller carbon footprint.


A homophobic mayor in a small town in South Carolina fired the chief of police because she’s a lesbian. The town council overrode him and hired her back. Wow! Even in a small town in the deep south, inroads for recognition of gays as real people are being made.


Two guys are suing the New Jersey lottery because they threw out their million-dollar winning ticket. It seems they checked the lottery web site shortly after the drawing and the number they saw wasn’t theirs, so they threw out the ticket. Unfortunately for them, the site hadn’t been updated yet (it’s not instantaneous people) so they were looking at the winning numbers for a previous drawing.


Silence like sunlight will illuminate you in God, and will deliver you from phantoms of ignorance” ~Isaac of Nineveh


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